Monday, January 27, 2014

Secret Confessions Of Gossip Girl Addict_part 2

It's secret confessions time! Well, it's Monday and so far I had a horrible day. I had a statistic's exam, and let me tell you, it was hard! I mean I'm not the only one in our class that's complaining, frankly I hadn't heard a person say: "Oh, this test was so easy, I had no problem finishing it!" or "It was so easy, I'm gonna get an A!". The talk was more like: "Well, at least now I now what to expect in June."
But enough about this stupid college, or maybe not. This actually could be one of my confessions. I hate studying psychology. At least the way I have to study it now. I mean the whole programme is designed in a way that expect all the students to become college professors or a researcher. I have no intention of being either of those things. I mean how come US colleges can have a programme where you can take both action and biology without any complications? Is this really something only my country isn't capable of doing? I have no idea how I'm gonna finish first year, let alone another four. But I usually finish what I started (and if it's school related, I finish it good enough to get what I want, like getting into college), so no fear about that. Yet.

My second confession is I am a stress eater. To let go of this horrible statistic exam, I went to the store and bought so much candy, I am super sore right now, from getting them from the store to home (it's only a five minute walk). I think you can imagine how much I bought. I came home about half an hour ago and I already ate one tenth of the things I bought.So, please forgive me if I wrote (or will write) something weird, but I think I'm sugar high. Maybe this is the right moment to tell and confess that I'm a junk food junky, because not only I eat a lot of candy, I can also eat obscene amounts of chips and other salty snacks. To tell the truth, the only unhealthy food, I'm capable of saying no to are juices, sodas and other sweetened drinks. I don't even sweeten my coffee or tea. Thank you mom, for washing my brains, so at least I don't drink sweetened drinks.
And I hate Coca Cola. And when I watch movies and everyone is drinking one, I'm like, can I please get a glass of water. Not to mention how hard it's for me to order in McDonald's. Did you know, I never got a bottle of water instead of a glass of Coca Cola? I mean I always have to pay extra if I want one. No wonder there are so many overweighted people on Earth.
And also I could live in a book store and I started kind of loving this new series I wrote about in one of my TV Series Worth Watching In 2014 series. I'm talking about True Detective. I watched last night I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.
Sweet day,
Lucy Jane

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