Monday, January 20, 2014

I watch Too Much TV a.k.a TV Series Worth Watching In 2014 (part 2)

As I struggle to decide which series are worth watching, this is what I came up with so far (the promised part two. I didn't plan it this way, but I'll probably also add part 3 and maybe even four for all the sereies that were awesome, but got cancelled).
The brand new 2014 series:


Out of curiosity (and because Matthew McConaughey plays the lead) I decided to watch the pilot episode of HBO new series True Detective. I can't say I was disappointed since I did get to watch McConaughey for 60 minutes.
The series follows two former homicide detectives who are interviewed by another two detectives about a murder of a  former prostitute named Dora Kelly Lang from 1995. They each tell their side of the story, not just how the investigation went, but also all about their relationship. The murder is highly unusual and very specific (it looks like some sort of ritualistic, satanistic killing or sacrifice) and at the end of episode we found out another murder with the same specifics was committed and they are trying to find out how this is possible since they already arrested the guy responsible in 1995.
The series is different from the usual series that are sporting police enforcement of any kind (from local P.D. to FBI, CIA or Texas rangers). There is no real action (no car chase or fighting), just a lot of long shots of Matthew thinking and watching the murder scene without saying a word. Also the story is jumping back and forth between past and the present and between both of the detectives stories (the actual story isn't repeated, they just each tells something about what happened). This means this series will be loved by those who are ready to think and really watch what is going on (because this is this type of series you watch for 20 minutes and nothing happens, than you turn to answer a short question and everything happens at those 30 seconds).  I haven't decided if I love it yet, but the writers definitely got my attention with the story so far.


Sci-fi brings you yet another TV series with werewolves as main protagonists. After seeing the pilot episode I can safely conclude that this series isn't meant for teenagers. It's like a werewolf version of True Blood. Lots of sex and nudity. In fact the first thing that happens in the movie is a sex scene. And then when other werewolves were presented there was more sex scenes and nudity. Which made me question if the creators wanted to turn it this way or if it was accidental, but it looks like werewolves are a very horny creatures.
Anyhow the series centers around the last female werewolf Elena. In the pilot episode we find out she has a life in Toronto and also that she is in a serious relationship with her best friend's brother. She is a photographer (she makes artistic pictures of nude human body. Anyone else picking up a pattern here?) and is about to have a huge show. Besides Elena there is another werewolf in Toronto (a very hot shrink, who helps her deal with all the werewolf stuff). Out of the blue Elena is called beck home (to  the place where all the werewolves hang out), because a girl was murdered by a werewolf just outside the house Elena calls home. We also find out that she had some sort of fall-out with one of the werewolves, I'm guessing they had an affair and then things went South and she ran away.

Overall, I did kind of like the series (except for the part when the painful transformation into werewolf is shown. Not my cup of tea.) and I kind of want to know what happens next. So they must of done something right?

Recap of an "old" series that just started a new season:


The third season continues where the second ended. Ryan left for college which makes his mother turn into even more crazy version of herself. George and Dallas broke up and Tessa moved in with her mother, so George gets himself a dog and when Alex (Tessa's mom) leaves again makes up with Tessa. Also we found out Lisa isn't capable of keeping secrets, because she has a condition when her body forms a certain smell. Doctors can't explain it and neither can I, since Lisa was perfectly capable of lying when she knew about Ryan (well at least she was capable of lying for a while before she accidentally  told him). It's not my favourite series, but it's a good way to pass twenty minutes of your time if you have nothing to do and you watched all the other series (besides Ryan and Tessa broke up. I hate that. If you haven't figured out that yet, I watch most of the series just because I like the couples in them. And then they broke up and I get mad and continue to watch the series because I want to see them get back together. And most of the time is for nothing since they end up with someone else. And then I am both mad and sad).

Today my finals had begun and I might not post anything big for next couple of weeks. Or maybe I'll realize I don't want to study and I'll post something new every day. You (well, I) never know,
Lucy Jane

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