Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's All About: Which Movie Character Are You

I don't know if you remember, but a few years ago (I think it was around 2009) there was this really popular thing you could do on Facebook. You could make and solve all sorts of quizzes. And when I saw a post made by one of my friends, I got this weird déjà-vu feeling, like it was 2009 all over again. Partly out of curiosity, partly because I love quizzes of any type, I clicked on the link and got to a site where you solved a quiz and they would tell you which character from certain movie or TV series you are. There was a Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Mean Girls and few more.
I study psychology and on one of the first classes I was told those quizzes are bulls**t. I mean the quiz you take in Cosmo which is telling you're into guy with brown hair or something equally weird to predict is about as accurate as me telling you your faith from palm reading (I have absolutely no psychic powers, so I would probably just say you'll meet a men. Or maybe a woman, it's harder this days then it was hundred years ago, when you couldn't miss what a woman wanted to hear by telling her she'll meet a men. I'd be so bad at being a psychic I probably wouldn't be able to get the same person into my psychic office for a séance more than once. Or get them to recommend me to their friends.). But I still love to take them and then make fun of them. I mean I took the Mean Girls quiz and was informed I'm Regina, the main bitch in the movie. Which is kind of cool, since she is hilarious and I did like her character in a movie. But I'm a nice person, I was never a real queen bee in High School and I most definitely wouldn't cheat on that Aaron guy. He was way hotter than the other one.

Anyhow, this wasn't the only surprise that quizzes had in store for me today. When I took the Which Hunger Games Character Are You? I got Peeta. I mean seriously? Peeta? Not my favorite character and I can't find one thing we have in common. I mean the only good thing about him is he's physically strong. Which I'm not. I have problems with carrying anything that weights more than 3kg for more than 30 seconds. But I did get a feeling I'm a lot smarter than him. I mean how blind do you have to be to not realize Katniss is pulling an act just so she could get some food? Writing all that down sounds even more weird that it did in my head. Hope you won't misunderstood me, I liked the movie, but when a movie with a title Hunger Games doesn't have a character that looks at least a little bit hungry. However I do understand why was Jenifer Lawrence against losing weight and looking real hungry. She understands that Katniss will become a role model for a lot of young girls who are unable to understand, that she looks so skinny because she has nothing to eat. Oh, and  all the respect to Josh Hutchersen, because he somehow managed to make his character likeable. I read the books and Peeta looks like a real pussy. He never really does anything. I mean he gives Katniss a burned old bread. But not in a nice way, he throws it to her, like it's trash. In a book/movie, where hunger is the main issue they seem to be real careless about food.

But the biggest surprise of the day was which character I am in Harry Potter. You'll never guess, probably because you'll never get the idea that this character is even an option. Before I tell you the shocking news, let me just say I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter and when I was reading the books and watched the movies I always imagined myself as Ginny. Remember, this was before Ginny and Harry were an item. Way before. I fell in love with that character in the first book, even though she was barely mentioned. And when I read the second one, the one where her role is much more significant I was determent I want to be her. If I'd have a chance to audition for a part in a movie I'd want to be her. The only problem is I'm not really a ginger, but hair color can fix that. Well, if the hair were the only important thing to get a role, I'd probably get Hermione, since they were so curly my mother had to brush them for more than an hour just to get me look like a normal person, not someone who just woke up. They are straight now, thanks to this wonderful thing called straightening iron and huge amounts of conditioner.
 Oh, and what character do you think I got. Well if you figured it out without peeking at the photo, than congratulations are in order. According to this quiz I'm The One Who Must Not Be Named (a.k.a. Tom Riddle a.k.a. Lord Voldemort). Told you, you wouldn't think of that one! Well it's probably my fault I got this, since I clicked on Evil when there was a choice between Good and Evil. 

But evil is what makes the story so compelling, isn't it?
Lucy Jane

Monday, January 27, 2014

Back Under Construction

New Year, new things. When would be the right time for changes, if not in January? I've been thinking about doing some changes in my blog, for some time now. If everything goes the way it's supposed to, I'll still post something every day, and will be finished with the new design till the end of the week And if I'm happy with it, I won't change the design of the site for, hmm, lets say another three months or so.

Hopefully you'll hear from me soon, when this blog will be all shiny and new. All just for you (and me. Of course).
Lucy Jane

Secret Confessions Of Gossip Girl Addict_part 2

It's secret confessions time! Well, it's Monday and so far I had a horrible day. I had a statistic's exam, and let me tell you, it was hard! I mean I'm not the only one in our class that's complaining, frankly I hadn't heard a person say: "Oh, this test was so easy, I had no problem finishing it!" or "It was so easy, I'm gonna get an A!". The talk was more like: "Well, at least now I now what to expect in June."
But enough about this stupid college, or maybe not. This actually could be one of my confessions. I hate studying psychology. At least the way I have to study it now. I mean the whole programme is designed in a way that expect all the students to become college professors or a researcher. I have no intention of being either of those things. I mean how come US colleges can have a programme where you can take both action and biology without any complications? Is this really something only my country isn't capable of doing? I have no idea how I'm gonna finish first year, let alone another four. But I usually finish what I started (and if it's school related, I finish it good enough to get what I want, like getting into college), so no fear about that. Yet.

My second confession is I am a stress eater. To let go of this horrible statistic exam, I went to the store and bought so much candy, I am super sore right now, from getting them from the store to home (it's only a five minute walk). I think you can imagine how much I bought. I came home about half an hour ago and I already ate one tenth of the things I bought.So, please forgive me if I wrote (or will write) something weird, but I think I'm sugar high. Maybe this is the right moment to tell and confess that I'm a junk food junky, because not only I eat a lot of candy, I can also eat obscene amounts of chips and other salty snacks. To tell the truth, the only unhealthy food, I'm capable of saying no to are juices, sodas and other sweetened drinks. I don't even sweeten my coffee or tea. Thank you mom, for washing my brains, so at least I don't drink sweetened drinks.
And I hate Coca Cola. And when I watch movies and everyone is drinking one, I'm like, can I please get a glass of water. Not to mention how hard it's for me to order in McDonald's. Did you know, I never got a bottle of water instead of a glass of Coca Cola? I mean I always have to pay extra if I want one. No wonder there are so many overweighted people on Earth.
And also I could live in a book store and I started kind of loving this new series I wrote about in one of my TV Series Worth Watching In 2014 series. I'm talking about True Detective. I watched last night I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.
Sweet day,
Lucy Jane

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quote of the Week

Another week has come to an end and I'm bringing back my quote of the week series.
I read in Cosmo that guys usually don't like it when a girl has motivational quotes all over her place. If this is true, guys be ready to walk into a mausoleum of motivational quotes. I have notes with different quotes all over my place. And if you don't like it that way, too bad. Besides, I like my place the way it is (well a bigger place wouldn't go by unappreciated). And so it happens, I am quite proud of my quote collection.
This particular quote is from a movie called The Lovely Bones. I remember my big sister watched the movie and that it was a big hit when it came out. I think it captures what life's all about. Not about dwelling on the past, but thinking about the future. But it's also important to take a breath and stop for a while and enjoy the moment.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,
Lucy Jane

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Lunch

After the very heated discussion I became our household regular Saturday lunch cook. This means I was chosen to make lunch for five people every Saturday. And when I say lunch I mean I have to make at least a soup, a main dish, a salad and preferably a desert (a low calorie one that is).
I like to cook and I decided to do my best. Today the household wanted to eat Tortillas. So I made them. I didn't use any specific recipe or anything like that. I simply made a non spicy chicken and vegetable tortilla filling. I needed about an hour, hour and a half to get everything done.
For this Tortilla a la Lucy you'll need (this is for about 6 grown-ups with a healthy appetite):
-500g of chicken (chicken breasts or fillet or something familiar that doesn't have bones still on, because cutting the meat off the bones just makes extra unnecessary work. We don't want that, do we?)
-4 small cucumbers
-2 red peppers
-1 onion
-1 leek
-130g of frozen mix of peas & corn (you can add corn and peas individually you don't have to buy the same thing I did. Just make sure you add about 60g of corn and about 70g of peas)
-125g of brown beans
- 0.20 L of tomato sauce
-salt and pepper
-if you want to make your Tortillas spicy just add some chilly at the end
What to do?
First put some oil on a pan an quickly cook chicken so it turns this white colour (once the pan is heated it takes about a minute on each side for this to happen) and then put it into a preheated own on 200°C for 17 min. This way the meat won't lose its juice and become dry and non-tasty. While you wait wash the peppers and cut them into small squares (or something similar, no one really cares if it's a square or a triangle as long as it looks and is eatable). Then cut the leek about 5 thick. Peal the cucumbers and cut them into squares about the size of your thumb (same as red peppers). Cut onion into small pieces and put it on a big pan or wok with a heated oil (I put 2 spoons of oil, it's up to you how greasy you want  your tortillas to be, but I think that 2 spoons is the smallest amount you can use without burning everything). When the onion looks glassy add the cut vegetables and cook the  for 7-10 minutes. Add beans, peas and corn and cook for 3 minutes before adding the chicken cut into  squares the same size as red peppers and cucumbers. Add salt pepper and tomato sauce and cook on small fire for additional 5-10 minutes. At this point you can also add chilli if you want the tortillas to be spicy.

Serve with warm tortillas and cheese in fajitas manner or you can you can make tortilla and put some  cheese on it and put into microwave for 30 seconds and serve them with white salsa (I bought mine in a store).
Bon appetite and enjoy the rest of the weekend,
Lucy Jane

Friday, January 24, 2014

Book Of The Month: E. Bronte: Wuthering Hights

I got so into over my head the past month that I forgot to write Book Of The Month Series for December 2013. But not to worry, I'll write it now. Truly, I hadn't decided which book I want to present for the magical time of December. There are just so many great books that capture that Christmas Spirit we're all talking about in December. I'll do my best and pick one (hopefully) till the end of January and wrote what it's about, what other people say about it, what I think about it and of course, why you should read it.
This time I chose a classic, I picked up from my bookshelf and fell in love with the story all over again. I'm talking about Emily Bronte book Wuthering Heights. I remember a new movie adaption came out not long ago (one or maybe two years) and out of curiosity I checked iMdb to see how many movie adaptation this book has. I counted 10 movies (one had a different titles and some were just a TV movies). Am I the only one who thinks that's a bit much? I mean you'd need more than one day to see all the versions. When I'll have too much hands in my hands I'll definitely do that and wrote all about how they were (I'll rank them from on to ten based on different criteria, like accuracy or hotness of the actors...).
Emily Bronte is one of the writing Bronte sisters (her sister Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre). Wuthering Heights is her only published book, which was published after her death when she was 30 years old. If you want to learn more about her I recommend English Wikipedia or Sparks Notes.

I don't want to write a lot about what the book's about, because then people are either mad because I spoiled them all the important parts, or they think those twenty sentences can replace the entire book and they don't read it at all. But the first type of people at least read it. Story follows the life of Catherine and Headcliff, both of whom grew up on Wuthering Heights. The story starts when Heathcliff is a owner of Wuthering Heights and a man named Lockwood comes to the estate. Lockwood then narrates the story about Heathcliff and Wuthering Heights with the help of house keeper Nelly.
Wuthering Heights is considered one of the best stories in the English literature. With its "wildness" and "rawness" Emily Bronte created a one of a kind story. Even though critics were are still are skeptical about into which literary category the story belongs. The author called it a novel with "a story within a story" and occasionally even "a story within a story within a story", which was highly unusual for the 19. century when the book was written and published. These days some authors write books with more parallel stories that effect one another.
Another word to be used when describing Wuthering Heights is, as I wrote before: a classic. This is one of those books that you just have to read or at least know what's about. I don't know about your high school, but in mine we studied this book. Well , we didn't have to read it, but we had to know what's about, who wrote it, when it was written and stuff like that. I think this is a usable knowledge. I know what you think: "I don't care if some lady wrote a book in 19th century. This was two hundred years ago. That's like old and so out of fashion!" But what if (this is a total cliché, but I think it's still the best reason to have a basic knowledge of, well everything) you'll once meet someone you'll like and they'll loved this book. I don't know about you, but I like to hear from a guy (or girl) that they know what I'm talking about  when they ask me what I love. Mostly because I'm kind of a book nerd. I could talk books all day and night. Seven days a week. Basically all the time. And because the people I meet usually don't ever read something that it's not absolutely mandatory for school or work. With some exceptions that also read Cosmo (female friends) or Penthouse (male friends)  type of publications (this is not entirely true I have friends that read a lot, I just want to make things more black and white and easier to understand).
The book is a classic and it's definitely worth of the time it takes to read it. I found the story a bit too sad and depressing for me, but it's beautifully written and the storyline is wonderfully executed. I think it's a perfect book for book clubs (even if you only read vine labels). The story can be interpreted in many different ways and this can create some interesting conversations and insights of your friends (or whoever is in the same book club) way of thinking and perception. Overall I think you should read it.

Lucy Jane

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How (Not) To Party

Over the past few years a lot of kind of strange things has happened to me when I went out clubbing. Some of them were funny, some not so much. The worst part is my relatives know about them and they make fun of me every time I say I'm going out (maybe that's the reason I don't go out as much as I could).
So the thing is where I'm from most of the clubs have over 16 policy. This means you need an I.D. that proves you're 16 or older to get into a club. I don't know about the kids from your town, but in my town that means that the average age of people in a club would be about 14. And if the club has over 18 policy, then the average age is 16. You can imagine you could feel a little out of place if you go to a place like that.
Anyhow there are two stories I want to tell you about how my first and second (well technically it was second and third, but the first time I didn't drink a thing and I was back at home by midnight. Not much of a party, don't you think?) time I went clubbing in my life went.
The thing is I'm not really into all the "Lets get drunk and dance and scream to a lousy, super loud music I don't really listen to" type of partying. To me a good party is more like a social gathering where you drink cocktails (not a mix of the cheapest version of vodka and orange juice available in local store that sells to the under-aged) and gossip with friends without a chance of losing my voice for the next week.
So the first time my friends convinced me I just have to go clubbing was for a schoolmates birthday party (she was 18 years old. Where I'm from that means you're finally aloud to drink). So she and a friend of hers hired this (kind of small) place on the other side of the town. I had no idea what the rules of when to show up to a party were. I mean the invitation said from eight pm till five and I had to (very discreetly of course) ask a friend that went to loads of parties before, when was the right time to show up. So you don't look lame for coming too early or disrespectful for coming too late. Apparently in this case it was between nine and ten (I later learned that if you're not going to a private party, you'll be alone in a club if you show up before one in the morning. Lesson learned).
A capture of some of my favourite cocktails: Long Island Ice Tea and some green thing the waiter recommended. The yellow drink in the middle is lemonade. And for the record, there were three of us. 

So I dressed up and made myself look real good (I'm still not sure why, since I knew there'd only be people I already knew and went to school with, Which meant they saw me when I was sick, And let me tell you, I look horrible when I'm sick. Imagine normal people look like vampires from The Vampire Diaries or Twilight. In comparison to that I looked like a vampire from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. They saw me when I looked that kind of horrible.). When I came it was just like I imagined. Loud music and people drinking and smoking outside the club. I didn't really like it but at the time I was an OK friend with the birthday girl and didn't want to ruin her big day. I knew she was worried, because a lot of people cancelled on her the last minute and I had no intention of telling her the truth. Just when I got into the party mode people started throwing up. Which happens if you drink more than half of bottle of vodka. And then some tequila to wash that down. The thing is, one of my former friends (we kind of lost contact after high school, not that I tried to stay in touch) got so drunk she didn't know what is going on around her. She threw up every five minutes even when there was nothing to throw up any more. And this is when my maternal instincts decided to kick out. I was with her for more than an hour, outside holding her hair while she threw up. Around two we decided it would be the best if we send her home. There was just one small problem, she lived on the other side of the city and she was in no condition to come from the taxi to her place without passing out in some ditch beside the road. I couldn't left her in this condition, but I only had enough money for the taxi to drive us to her place (I live in between the place where the party was held and her apartment), not to get back home. So I had to call my parents at two o'clock in the morning to let them know a friend is so drunk I have to get her home (thinking back it would be easier to just ask my mom to drive us to her place and then go home). My mom is a doctor and her first reaction was:"Do you need me to come and take a look at her, she might need to get her stomach cleaned." I knew she was OK, so I just told her to pick me up in an hour at her place.The next day I had to listen to my entire family (we celebrated my cousin's birthday) making fun of me because I took care of my super drunk friend. So much for being proud of me for caring. Next time I'll just leave the drunk person behind. Maybe they'll like passing out in some ditch or under the bridge.
The teasing about how I party might not be so bad, if the next time I went out I wouldn't end up in a hospital. Yes, that's right, in a hospital. And what a coincidence, the next day we celebrated my grandfathers birthday with my big loud family. But I should probably start at the beginning. Two more of my schoolmates had a birthday and decided to have a party. I said I'd go, but when it was time to get ready, I didn't feel like it (again!). But a promise is a promise and at ten (I learned my lesson about when to show up) I arrived at the club. This time I had to pay to get in, but the drinks were free. Never mind that they were gone before midnight. I decided that this time, I'd have fun and wouldn't let some drunk friend to ruin everything. Unfortunately for me, this time, it was me that got in trouble. Some time after midnight when people started to get seriously drunk and the throw up feast begun, the bathroom became flooded, because some drunk idiot forgot to turn off the water. I was wearing high heels and I felt a bit tipsy from all the alcohol I consumed. Around two o'clock I overcome my completely rational disgust that kept me from going to the bathroom and went in. When I tried to turn and leave the stall, I slipped and fell with such force, my elastic bracelet with fake pearls broke, and I cut my lip pretty bad. There was blood all over the place. But after I cleaned it up it looked more like a minor bruise. So I decided it was nothing and continue to party (at that time all my close and sober friends already left, so they couldn't convince me it would be a good thing to go home ad get my lip fixed). After an hour when almost everybody left, my schoolmate, who was claiming he's totally sober (he wasn't) decided to leave and since he was going the same direction as I was, we left together (that's the other guy who walked me home, the one I wrote about in How To Meet Guys post). When I came home I woke my mother up, because I'm unable to walk quietly. When she saw my lip, she got super upset and we just had to go to the emergency room. I ended up having three stitches. But not before the good (and slightly overdosed on caffeine) doctor declared I'm sober enough to undergo the stitching. I have some great pictures from the next day, with my family and the cake and my three stitches and a lip that looked like I got into a fist fight (I also had this big violet circles around my eyes, the one you get from not sleeping enough).
I must say, the next time I went out, I didn't told my parents I wouldn't be home until the next day, I just told them I'm going to the party. When I went to this concert I got super drunk and talked to everybody there, introducing myself and telling them how much I love them. I still have no idea who most of those people were. And if they are reading this, please note that I'm sorry, it wasn't on purpose.
So trust me when I say there's probably no one else on this world who'd managed to get in so much trouble the first two times they went out to party (and almost every other time I go out). No matter what the TV and movies says, I'm probably the last person you'd want at your party, since it's almost guaranteed something will go wrong, and I'll end up being the guilty party and my family will have another embarrassing story to tell to whoever is ready to listen.
So kids, if you're reading this, please remember, you don't need to set your house on fire or stole Mike Tyson's tiger and get into trouble with local Mafia like the guys in the movies like Hangover do, to regret the moment you decided to go to that party. In my experience the combination of flooded floor, high heels, some alcohol and my legendary clumsiness will do that just fine. Actually, scratch the alcohol, the good doctor declared I'm not drunk half an hour later and since I don't know anyone who'd be capable of sobering up in 30 minutes, I think I can safely conclude I wasn't that drunk.
Party safely,
Lucy Jane (the girl you want by your side if you're planning to get in trouble. Don't worry you don't have to do anything, she'll do all the work. Trouble follows her everywhere, especially to the parties.)

Do not party the way I do if you want to meet a guy. Trust me when I say that a broken lip doesn't look attractive ;)

Monday, January 20, 2014

I watch Too Much TV a.k.a TV Series Worth Watching In 2014 (part 2)

As I struggle to decide which series are worth watching, this is what I came up with so far (the promised part two. I didn't plan it this way, but I'll probably also add part 3 and maybe even four for all the sereies that were awesome, but got cancelled).
The brand new 2014 series:


Out of curiosity (and because Matthew McConaughey plays the lead) I decided to watch the pilot episode of HBO new series True Detective. I can't say I was disappointed since I did get to watch McConaughey for 60 minutes.
The series follows two former homicide detectives who are interviewed by another two detectives about a murder of a  former prostitute named Dora Kelly Lang from 1995. They each tell their side of the story, not just how the investigation went, but also all about their relationship. The murder is highly unusual and very specific (it looks like some sort of ritualistic, satanistic killing or sacrifice) and at the end of episode we found out another murder with the same specifics was committed and they are trying to find out how this is possible since they already arrested the guy responsible in 1995.
The series is different from the usual series that are sporting police enforcement of any kind (from local P.D. to FBI, CIA or Texas rangers). There is no real action (no car chase or fighting), just a lot of long shots of Matthew thinking and watching the murder scene without saying a word. Also the story is jumping back and forth between past and the present and between both of the detectives stories (the actual story isn't repeated, they just each tells something about what happened). This means this series will be loved by those who are ready to think and really watch what is going on (because this is this type of series you watch for 20 minutes and nothing happens, than you turn to answer a short question and everything happens at those 30 seconds).  I haven't decided if I love it yet, but the writers definitely got my attention with the story so far.


Sci-fi brings you yet another TV series with werewolves as main protagonists. After seeing the pilot episode I can safely conclude that this series isn't meant for teenagers. It's like a werewolf version of True Blood. Lots of sex and nudity. In fact the first thing that happens in the movie is a sex scene. And then when other werewolves were presented there was more sex scenes and nudity. Which made me question if the creators wanted to turn it this way or if it was accidental, but it looks like werewolves are a very horny creatures.
Anyhow the series centers around the last female werewolf Elena. In the pilot episode we find out she has a life in Toronto and also that she is in a serious relationship with her best friend's brother. She is a photographer (she makes artistic pictures of nude human body. Anyone else picking up a pattern here?) and is about to have a huge show. Besides Elena there is another werewolf in Toronto (a very hot shrink, who helps her deal with all the werewolf stuff). Out of the blue Elena is called beck home (to  the place where all the werewolves hang out), because a girl was murdered by a werewolf just outside the house Elena calls home. We also find out that she had some sort of fall-out with one of the werewolves, I'm guessing they had an affair and then things went South and she ran away.

Overall, I did kind of like the series (except for the part when the painful transformation into werewolf is shown. Not my cup of tea.) and I kind of want to know what happens next. So they must of done something right?

Recap of an "old" series that just started a new season:


The third season continues where the second ended. Ryan left for college which makes his mother turn into even more crazy version of herself. George and Dallas broke up and Tessa moved in with her mother, so George gets himself a dog and when Alex (Tessa's mom) leaves again makes up with Tessa. Also we found out Lisa isn't capable of keeping secrets, because she has a condition when her body forms a certain smell. Doctors can't explain it and neither can I, since Lisa was perfectly capable of lying when she knew about Ryan (well at least she was capable of lying for a while before she accidentally  told him). It's not my favourite series, but it's a good way to pass twenty minutes of your time if you have nothing to do and you watched all the other series (besides Ryan and Tessa broke up. I hate that. If you haven't figured out that yet, I watch most of the series just because I like the couples in them. And then they broke up and I get mad and continue to watch the series because I want to see them get back together. And most of the time is for nothing since they end up with someone else. And then I am both mad and sad).

Today my finals had begun and I might not post anything big for next couple of weeks. Or maybe I'll realize I don't want to study and I'll post something new every day. You (well, I) never know,
Lucy Jane

Saturday, January 18, 2014

How To Meet Guys

I've been thinking about posting this for quite some time now. I am a proud single girl (I'm single by choice or maybe this is a better explanation of what is going on in my mind. I am unavailable because of years of mentally dating movie stars-namely Zac Efron, Matt Bomer, Shane West, Channing Tatum and others, no regular guy can achive my unrealistically high standards.), but I believe meeting new guys is important. You never know, maybe one day I could meet a Liam Payne look alike.
Anyhow what I really wanted to tell you is an iceskating ring is a perfect place to meet your future boyfriend. Or at least a girlfriend. To tell you the truth I became a really good friend with a girl I meet there. But I did meet some nice guys. And they were quite hot as well. The first one was this English guy, let's call him Mark. So didn't know how to skate at all so I kind of helped him. We ended up talking for the entire hour and a half (that is how long the ring was open for visitors) and we found out he lives just a block away from me. He walked me back home. And they say there's no more gentelmans on this world. I mean I never met a guy who'd walk me home (not entirely true, since a schoolmate walked me home after a party at three o'clock in the morning. I was wearing high heels, was quite drunk and worked up a cut on my lips that needed two stitches) and it was exciting, but nothing else. Later I found out he got a girlfriend from Spain. Good for you Mark. I heard Spanish girls are real hotties.
The second guy was this cute German student of electronic technology (if I remember correctly). I was revealing my friend my huge knowledge of German, which consist of Ich haisse Lucy. And Du bist eine kleine swaine. (Both sentences are probably spelled wrong, but they mean My name is Lucy. and You're a little pig.) So imagine my suprise when this guy asked us if we are German. I was so shocked I think I answered him in German (I did study German for 4 years. The problem is nothing really stuck) or in English. When I explained to him we're not German and I was just telling my friend my wonderful knowledge of German. Then I did this stupid thing and told him those two sentences. And after I was so embarrassed I told him my friend speaks German and skated away. I kind of feel bad for doing that, he was really cute. But somehow I didn't want to further humiliate myself.
So those are my two favourite stories about meeting guys. The truth is wheather you know how to skate or not there are always hot guys who can. Or sometimes a hot hockey player might show up (it does happen, I have a story about that as well, but I'll tell you some other time). Besides all that, the music is really good.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Lucy Jane

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Spend Way Too Much Time Infront of the TV a.k.a TV Series Worth Watching In 2014-part 1

Over the past week so many things has happened and at the same time nothing happened. In Los Angeles a lot of things happened. There were People's Choice Awards and Golden Globes, in science a lot of new things were figured out (honestly I don't really know which, but I did saw an article in a newspaper stating something was finally figured out, or something like that), bunch of new TV series came out and I think a lot of babies were born. But in my home, nothing really happened. The winter semester is over and it's time for the exams. It's the time of the year I hate the most (right after the end of June, when the other half of exams takes place).
And in a typical Lucy way, I didn't study at all during the semester and skipped most of the non-mandatory classes. So as you might guess I have a lot on my plate right now. To top that off I just had to watch all the new series that came out in January, and all the series are back on air now (or still on air. Yes I'm talking about Revenge!!!). I did all that so you don't have to (yes, you can thank me later). So here's my quick summary of what's hot on TV right now (SPOILER ALERT!).

The new series:


Is a brand new series set in the world where it's possible to create a chip so sophisticated and overall awesome that can give a human (with a certain mutation) access to internet, every American intelligence archives, satellites, basically they are able to put a computer inside of human head. This human computer guy is Gabriel and story follows him and his newly assigned body guard Riley (a female bodyguard that is, so they can eventually end up together ). The only thing stopping the writers from making human computer and his female bodyguard from becoming a forbidden item is Gabriel's missing (official story is she's dead) wife, who he love very, very much. And Gabriel and Riley are on call and are saving the innocent people of America from all kinds of threats (there's only two episodes so far and they already fought terrorists, kidnapers, local gangs, rouge Chinese spies, discovered a mole inside the top secret program they're part of. The part I don't get is why, once they got the spy, kidnapper and the mole, they only arrested the spy and let everyone else go unharmed and undetected, considering they were involved into kidnapping and the other part of the scheme. But maybe it's just me.)


From producer Sofia Vergara (and tons of others, but her is the only name that is mentioned so many times, you kind of can't miss it. Or forget it for that matter.) comes a series about a fearless Texas ranger Molly Parker. She is though, smart and has a very sexy love interest. I'm sorry but who doesn't love a man with a gun (that is not pointing at you, of course!)? So far the thing that this series concentrates the most (besides Molly kicking bunch of dudes asses and bringing the justice to state of Texas) is how to survive an abuse from a spouse. Every episode so far included a woman who was abused by men (SPOILER ALERT!) including Molly. She was abused by her husband and now wants a divorce. But her husband, a state senator doesn't want to let her go.

The old series that hadn't had a midseason finale (yet):


Last year (oh yes, the #revengewedding is so last year!) Emily and Daniel got married, which turned out to be kind of bad thing, since she wasn't pregnant and he kind of found out and shoot her, making her sterile (she can't have kinds). And now she broke it off with Aiden, so she could continue her plan to avenge to the mighty Grayson's.

N.C.I.S. & N.C.I.S. Los Angeles

This year a N.C.I.S. Red is supposed to join this Navy Crime Investigation Services duo, but was canceled. But N.C.I.S. is rocking a new Kate/Ziva - a super smart Ellie Bishop. She is married, so DiNozzo can't have a love interest in her too (thank God! See him getting heartbroken twice was more than  enough). I like her, she is smart, analytical thinking and completely different from both Kate and Ziva. Also I like how she does this food association thing. I do that too!
In N.C.I.S. Los Angeles the main reason I watch the series (besides finding out what G. stands for) is currently separated by the Atlantic ocean. I was so happy when Deeks and Kensi finally got together, I almost threw my laptop on the floor and started jumping on her (yes, my laptop is a she) to let go of my frustration when I found out Kensi was sent to Afghanistan to a mission. And without a chance to say goodbye to Deeks. So, so frustrating.


After Patrick Jane killed the Red John the writers had to came up with something new. And they did. Personally I wasn't convinced at first. I mean, Jane and the F.B.I. working together?  With only Cho and Lisbon at his side. No Van Pelt and Rigsby (I finally figured out of who he reminds me of. I know it's stupid and I'm probably the only person seeing the resemblance, but he reminds me of Mr. Incredible from the animated movie The Incredibles). But last week's episode gave me hope. BTW congrats to Van Pelt and Righsby, the baby is adorable. Even though there's no more C.B.I. it looks like the old gang is back together. Yey!!!


Who doesn't know this series? I love Neil Patrick Harris (and the rest of the cast). I am sad that this is the last season, but at the same time excited, because there's gossip that How I Met Your Father is coming to our televisions! I won't write what the series is about, the title and past 8 seasons tells you all. But I just had to mention it! Especially after the episode (Slapsgiving 3: Slappoitment in Slapamarra) that was so unrealistic it felt like I was watching my dreams become true on television.


I mean look at that body. Who wouldn't want to watch that for 40 minutes?
I couldn't skip one my favorite series set in my favorite city in the world - New York City. Not to mention Matt Bomer plays the lead. Such a shame he's gay. But since I'll probably never met him in a real life it doesn't really matter, does it? If I can make him date me in my day dreams, I guess I can make him straight as well =) The series so far is focused on one big scheme to get something (not completely sure, but I think it's some sort of hidden treasure) all orchestrated by this scheming b***h Rebecca (whose name probably even isn't Rebecca). This is what happens when Sarah leaves for London. We (I mean me!) want her back!

The old series that just started a new season:


Sherlock is awesome. The whole idea of a highly functioning sociopath is just simply genius. And the British accent. Which girl doesn't fall for that? The only thing I don't like about Sherlock is all the jumping back and forth and into Sherlock's mind and back to reality. For someone that isn't native English speaker it gets pretty confusing and you (at least I did) can get lost quickly if you get interrupted by someone while you're watching (namely my mom, asking me if how was my day. Great, until you asked me about it and remembered me I didn't do anything at all, except watched TV for five or more hours. Now that I agnoleged that, I want to be left alone, so I can spend another 5 hours in front of TV! That is a quick presentation of how my life looks like right now.). Oh and BTW according to Sherlock himself, Sherlock is really a girls name =)


A big hit. But I don't watch it anymore. But my little sis does and she keeps me in the loop, so I know that the four liars found out Alison is still alive and Ezra is a new A. I knew the first will come out eventually, but I am not at all happy with Ezra being A. I mean, even though him and Aria together is kind of statutory rape (I am not completely sure when they slept together but who cares about the details like that? I don't.) I still think they are the cutes couple in this series. Not that Hannah and Caleb aren't cute, but I like Fitz and Aria better. Even though I was just told they aren't together anymore. Apparently she even had another boyfriend - Jake who thought her self-defense.

I could write so many more series, but for right now, I'll just write some titles and added a part two to this (super long) post. In the next part I'll present:
  •  Resurrection
  •  Switched at Birth
  • The Fosters
  • House of Cards
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Rizzoli and Isles
  • Criminal Minds
  • Subugatoy
  • Castle 
  •  Hart Of Dixie
  •  About A Boy
  •  Rake
  •  The Spoils of Babilon
  •  Star-Crossed
  •  True Detective
  •  Bitten 
and anything else I come up with until I write the second part.
As you can see I watch a lot of series. There's so many good new coming out I'm having problems with finding time to watch them all. Thank God they cancelled some of them this year (like Nikita. I loved the series and I am kind of sad it's over. But at the same time I'm happy they got to wrap it up and finish it right. Not like Jane By Design or The Lying Game, that end up in the middle of the story. I hate it when they do that!) so I can start watching new ones! Like Intelligence. And Dracula of course! Who doesn't love the new Dracula?

Don't watch too much TV (I do that for you),
Lucy Jane