Saturday, January 18, 2014

How To Meet Guys

I've been thinking about posting this for quite some time now. I am a proud single girl (I'm single by choice or maybe this is a better explanation of what is going on in my mind. I am unavailable because of years of mentally dating movie stars-namely Zac Efron, Matt Bomer, Shane West, Channing Tatum and others, no regular guy can achive my unrealistically high standards.), but I believe meeting new guys is important. You never know, maybe one day I could meet a Liam Payne look alike.
Anyhow what I really wanted to tell you is an iceskating ring is a perfect place to meet your future boyfriend. Or at least a girlfriend. To tell you the truth I became a really good friend with a girl I meet there. But I did meet some nice guys. And they were quite hot as well. The first one was this English guy, let's call him Mark. So didn't know how to skate at all so I kind of helped him. We ended up talking for the entire hour and a half (that is how long the ring was open for visitors) and we found out he lives just a block away from me. He walked me back home. And they say there's no more gentelmans on this world. I mean I never met a guy who'd walk me home (not entirely true, since a schoolmate walked me home after a party at three o'clock in the morning. I was wearing high heels, was quite drunk and worked up a cut on my lips that needed two stitches) and it was exciting, but nothing else. Later I found out he got a girlfriend from Spain. Good for you Mark. I heard Spanish girls are real hotties.
The second guy was this cute German student of electronic technology (if I remember correctly). I was revealing my friend my huge knowledge of German, which consist of Ich haisse Lucy. And Du bist eine kleine swaine. (Both sentences are probably spelled wrong, but they mean My name is Lucy. and You're a little pig.) So imagine my suprise when this guy asked us if we are German. I was so shocked I think I answered him in German (I did study German for 4 years. The problem is nothing really stuck) or in English. When I explained to him we're not German and I was just telling my friend my wonderful knowledge of German. Then I did this stupid thing and told him those two sentences. And after I was so embarrassed I told him my friend speaks German and skated away. I kind of feel bad for doing that, he was really cute. But somehow I didn't want to further humiliate myself.
So those are my two favourite stories about meeting guys. The truth is wheather you know how to skate or not there are always hot guys who can. Or sometimes a hot hockey player might show up (it does happen, I have a story about that as well, but I'll tell you some other time). Besides all that, the music is really good.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Lucy Jane

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