Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm Back!

It's been a while since I posted anything new on here and I could give you a bunch of unrealistic, stupid excuses for my absence. The truth is I am lazy. And lazy people (like me) are too lazy to write and post things on blog. But I also been to a no mobile devices holidays over the New Years Eve. Well I did have my phone with me, but no internet equals no Facebook, Twitter or Blogger.
To all of you that aren't capable of imagining how is possible for a person to spent a week without internet, here are some highlights of what I did. And yes it is possible to spent a week without going on Facebook and no, world won't fell apart without you knowing what your acquaintance from the other side of the globe had for breakfast.
I'm a city girl, but from time to time, I do enjoy the countryside. Especially if I don't have to actually go outside, but just watch the beautiful nature surrounding me. But this year I did some outside activities.
The place I decided to spent my New Years Eve break was near a beautiful lake, surrounded with mountains. There's usually about half of meter of snow there in that time of year, but this year there was one. Which was a disappointment and not at the same time. In my opinion snow makes everything looks better, but it also means that it's freezing outside and that I can't wear my UGGs without getting all wet. And it also means that (spending time in the middle of nowhere) would probably need to use that snow shovel I saw when I entered the rented place. And trust me, when I say, snow shovels and me do not share a nice history.
Any how, there was no snow, except for high up,on the ski resort. Where, even though I ski fairly well did not go. Standing on two pieces of plastic and metal while risking a possible injuries, due to my clumsiness. Once I did a triple flip on my way down. It wasn't pretty, but I was lucky and I wasn't injured, a friend of mine wasn't as lucky. I accidentally hit him on my unorthodox way down the hill. It was nothing serious (thank God!) but he did get a few bruises and a small cut on left arm. Needless to say, he refuses to go skiing with me ever again!

So as to what I did the entire week without internet? I spent it with people and talked to them face to face instead of on Facebook. Hard to imagine this those days, isn't it?
Because there was no snow, we went ice skating, instead of skiing. Also  we (when I say we, I mean me and my friends/family) went explore the woods around the house. As the guy from extreme survivor recommended, we followed a small stream on our way down, so we didn't get lost and end up on the other side of the hill. Also we went for a midnight walk with sparkles. It was amazing (out of the context, this is a quite romantic setting if you were wondering. But since I'm single it was just a lot of fun!). And then we watched the fireworks, eat Nutella cake and drink fancy champagne. I must say, considering the size of the village I was staying the fireworks were quite impressive. On year I spent my New Years Eve in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. There was no fireworks, just a light show on the tower. So consider this: Paris has population of 2,34 million, plus all the tourists and the place I was staying has a population of about 1700 with about 200 tourists for New Years Eve. How is it possible that there was no fireworks in Paris, but in this small town (yes, it's a town!) the fireworks lasted more than twenty minutes?
Looking back, I enjoyed the change. I spent the last five New Years Eves in Big Cities and even though I can't imagine living on the countryside, this was one of my favourite way to spend it (right after the one I spent on the seashore. Nothing beats that. Except imaginary one I spent in Buckingham palace or the one in Hogwards).
With a promise, to be less lazy this year, happy New Year (with a week delay)! I hope it will be everythnig and even more than you plan it to be!
Lucy Jane

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