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My name is Lucy and this is my blog.
As you probably noticed it contains literally everything. That's because this is the way I roll. I do bunch of crazy and not so crazy things and then I have this need to write about them and share them with the cyberspace. If you read this blog and get confused or overwhelmed, that's OK, it's just who I am. I tend to make people kind of skittish around me, because I'm a lot to handle. But you've got nothing to worry about, I don't mind if you don't like it here =)
I'm a sucker for romance novels and TV shows. Not reality TV though, I just don't get what people find so funny about it. Also I was (and still am) HUGE fan of Gossip Girl and Zac Efron's abs. And also Channing Tatum's abs and Ryan Gosling's and... Let's just say I'm a fan of a nice six pack all together =) But then again, who isn't?

I'm a psychology student that isn't so sure that psychology is the thing she want's to study. I love to travel, bake, cook, paint, read, shop, create and write. Also I'm writing a book. Maybe one day it will be published and you might actually read it!
Oh, and so you won't be mad at me, no matter how hard I try I somehow always end up not writing as often as I promise I will. Please be considerate, I'm horrible with time management. I just do what I want, whenever I feel like it.  Fun, ha? Not really, because I often forget what I'm supposed to do, and then people are mad at me :(

Lucy Jane

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