Friday, May 30, 2014

Wish Me Luck...

...Because I'm gonna need it!
For me it's this time of the year again. The finals month. Yep, that's right, the college I go to has a finals MONTH! Talk about going overboard =)
Anyhow, I'm not really happy with the way the college I go to teach and the way it forces us to study. Way too much theory and the fact I can only study psychology 24/7 makes me wanna puke. Which I probably will after all the coffee I consumed to make up for the sleep deprivation studying is causing. And for the next month don't you dare to say that studying isn't killing you. Because in my world it goes like this: studying is for exams, exams cause stress and stress can kill you or at least cause some pretty disturbing things (like insomnia, it can lower the ability of your immune system which than makes you more vulnerable to all the germs flowing around, and I on and on...)
And today my one month nightmare starts with an exam on Sociological Psychology. Which I learnt from flashcards. And yes, it was possible, because the professor has this weird thing going on in this exams. It's a Yes or No type of thing. He gives a statement and it's either wrong or it's right. All nice all well but the trick is that if your answer is wrong you get minus one point (if it's correct you get 1 point and if you don't answer at all you don't get a point). So, if you're one unlucky SOB, then you can get a final result of minus 40 points. Fun, ha?
Lucy Jane

For closure, I think I did horribly on the exam, my mind went blank and I was barley able to figure out one right answer (that I'm 100% sure it's correct). So yey, for now my score is only -39 points ;)

Quote of the Week

And I see a fun way to mess my friends hair =)
But seriously, what I really wish for is that all that my wishes would come true.
And to not get all depressed for the next month, because I'm probably gonna be such a failure and flunked all ten exams I need to pass to finish my glorious (NOT) year in college!
Lucy Jane

Friday, May 23, 2014

I Got My First Kiss!!!!

Before you jump to conclusion and imagine me like a modern day Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed, I'm really sorry to disappoint you. I've been kissed before, even though it would certainly be fun to go out in a search for the first and perfect kiss.
What I'm talking about are Hershey's kisses. Yep the chocolate ones. And I know how hard it is to believe I never had one, but it's true. I've always ate either Milka or Gorenjka (a local chocolate factory) and in the past few years Lint and some other Swiss based chocolate factories. But never in my life have I ate Hershey's chocolate. I know, I know, I've been to USA and I had a chance to buy and eat Hershey's chocolate... But the thing is, when I'm travelling I'll rarely spend money on something as unnecessary as food. As a matter of fact I lost 5kg while I was in NYC this past fall. Impressive, ha?
I tried the ones with white chocolate and cookies
But truth be told, I could buy them I just didn't feel like eating chocolate (but I did feel like eating Capitan Crunch and Willie Wonka sweets) and when I came back home and saw them in the store, I thought they were quite expensive for the amount you get. So when I saw them in the store with 50% off, I was the happiest girl in the store!
I don't now if you tried them before, but I absolutely loved them! They are DELICIOUS! Maybe a bit too sweet, but this is the way I like it =)

kiss, kiss, kiss
Lucy Jane

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Awkward Obsession

Before you get all worried and run away from reading this blog, I don't have an awkward obsession, I have an Awkward obsession. Still don't get it?
I became obsessed with this TV series called Awkward. I don't know how it happened, or why, I just know I just spend the last four hours binge watching it. I already went through the last and the first two seasons. So, high five for me, I still know how to spend the day doing absolutely nothing productive! God, my life sucks.

But so does Jenna's, the main character in the Awkward series. Except I'm a tad older than she is and my problems doesn't involve guys. At all. Because I don't have a boyfriend or a crush I can do something about. I'm single and it looks like it's going to stay this way for a while. I kind of don't mind, having a boyfriend is hard work and right now, I'm kind of happy I'm single. And this is the end of my pity-party&pep-talk-for-my-better-self-esteem-in-one. For now.
Anyhow, she has tons of problems, and so do I. Even though I am older than her, I can still relate and this is why I got sucked in (and created another problem!) and can stop thinking about the series. I mean seriously it's addicting. And if it will continue this way, I might actually need to go to rehab. Because right now, all my favorite series had a season finale and I'm suffering from a serious withdraw problems. (Fine, I'm having one more minute of this pity party, bu then I'm over!)
Hurahay, I got over myself and party over my obsession with Awkward. Maybe I'll just watch one more episode, or two... Maybe one more season?
Lucy Jane

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Can't Wait For What The Fall 2014 Brings On TV

So this week the TV networks were kind enough to enlighten the humble TV viewers with their decisions about which TV shows will be renewed and which cancelled and which are coming to the TV.
I'm crying over the cancellation of Suburgatory, but the worst news was the cancellation of The Crazy Ones! And to top that off, they ended with a cliff-hanger. A freaking CLIFF-HANGER!!!! Now I'm not crying, I'm mad. I'm really mad.
Don't those people on TV know what it does to a person to not know the end and the horrible feeling you get from knowing you never will. Would it kill them to decide a month before on weather or not there will be another season? Maybe then the writers could wrap things up in a decent way. And definitely without a freaking cliff-hanger.
Anyhow, right now I want to tell you about this one series that is coming on TV (I believe in fall 2014, but if I could change that I would want to watch it right now). It's called FOREVER.
I checked all the trailers and storylines and I liked this one the best.
The story centers around a 200 year old guy (played by that dude from Ringer - Ioan Gruffudd) that work in the morgue and helps solving crime. Oh and he's immortal, but doesn't know why and does his best to figure out why he can't die. And there's a love story. There's always a love story.
Anyhow I'll be writing more about the TV shows that I love and adore and am obsessed with in the near future. For now, this is it.
TV shows maniac
Lucy Jane

Quote of the Week

Even if I am a little bit crazy and most of the time don't fit in, the good old Aristotle knew about people like me. That's right, I have a great mind. Crazy, yes, but also GREAT!!!
Forever great,
Lucy Jane

Friday, May 16, 2014

Just Because...

Just because it's Friday and I'm tired of listening about Cognitive Psychology. I seriously need something to make me feel better. Besides, where I'm from, hockey season is over :/

Hope you enjoyed the pictures ;) I'm not guaranteeing you that the guys on the pictures are hockey players, but they are HOT!!!
Lucy Jane

Friday, May 9, 2014

One Night Love Affair

So, here I am again. Suzy (a.k.a. my laptop) is currently hibernating, because of excessive use of SPSS (that's a statistics program). Because, if you haven't figured out yet, I'm a psychology student and this year most of my studies centers on statistics. So thank you whoever created SPSS, I'd die if I'd have to manually calculate all the things we have to do. If you ever had to do something statistical, than you know, it's (mildly put) a pain in the as*.
But back to basics. If I'm not mistaken I already mentioned I joined Wattpad. It's this awesome Internet community in which you can publish your works and read works of other people for free. But be careful, you might get addicted. I definitely did. But join anyways!
Soooo, I kind of started on a new book. I decided to test my theory that I'm a decent writer and prove to myself I can write in English just as good as in my native language. So far, so good.
The book is called One Night Love Affair  (just click on the title and you'll be reading it in no time at all). I don't know if you know singer Paloma Faith, but few nights ago I was chilling and surfing the web, when I came across her song Only Love Can Hurt Like This. I absolutely loved it! So I checked out her songs and fell in love with 30 Minutes Love Affair. Yes, this is the song that inspired the story.

 The story currently only has one chapter, but I kind of know exactly what will happen in the next four. I just have to take the time and put my thoughts on a paper. Hopefully I'll be more consistent with publishing this story then I'm with writing the blog ;)
Lucy Jane

Friday, May 2, 2014

Quote of the Week

After scrolling past my previous posts, I came across this picture and quote. It's from a book called The Perks Of Being  A Wallflower, which I really liked. This quote however captures how I feel when everything falls into place as perfectly as one can imagine - infinite.
Lucy Jane

"Man, that girl is CRAZY!!!" - Confessions of Gossip Girl Addict, part 3

Besides the fact, that I (almost) never keep a promise I make on the internet (so yes, this doesn't really counts as a confession, since, let's face it, it's really clear to everyone who has ever read anything on my blog!) there's a few things I thought should make the cut for the part three of Confessions of Gossip Girl Addict thingy I have going on here.
First of all, I didn't really plan on this to go on so long, but this has became my safety net for not going completely bananas for not telling everyone about the latest crazy thing that I did.
Second, I think it's safe to say, I'm a pretty crazy person. I do prefer the term special though, so please, if you're planning on judging me and saying: "Man, that girl is crazy!" please consider replacing the c-word with s-word, and yes I mean SPECIAL!
About my confessions, so you know these people that have way to much on their hands? And they don't know what to do with it, so they go and do something? Anything really? I'm not one of those people. When I'm bored and don't know what to do, I just find somebody, anybody really and start complaining. About anything and everything. Somehow, when everything else fails, complaining never, ever get's old. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!
One down, two more to go. The second one is no real surprise, but I kind of figured out my life is so pathetic, that I spend so much time in front of TV I kind of already seen all the good TV shows international television has to offer. So when I saw some news about Ariana Grande I realized, she was/is on a TV show. So I said to myself: "What the heck Lucy, why not go and check out that Victorious show she was on." And I did. And absolutely fell for it. I know, my life must be so pathetic, but you must admit it, didn't you ever want to go to a high school like that? I'd love to go to a high school like that. This way of thinking resulted in me seeing the entire four seasons in two days... Well, what can I say? I'm nothing if not?!?! SPECIAL!

And the last, but not the least, Wattpad. You might know what it is, but for those who don't, it's a online community of writers and readers. You can publish a book and people can read it for free, they can comment, vote and stuff like that. It also has an app, that got me into trouble. The thing is, I just joined Wattpad like a week ago, and since then I hadn't had a decent night sleep yet. Because I always end up reading these amazing books in the evening and they have me sucked in so much that I can't stop reading until the end of the book. And after that I have to play Candy Crush, because two and a half hours has passed and my lifes are full again. Speaking of which, I'm gonna go now, and get to this next level even if it's the last thing I do before I (finally) go to sleep. Because where I am right now, it's 1.30 in the morning. Oh, the price of becoming obsessed with Wattpad....

Forever yours, special and even a slightly, tiny, little bit (OK a lot) crazy,
Lucy Jane