Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My New Years Whishes!

I decided this year will be the best ever! I will do things I was only planning to do previous years. I made a list of resolutions, with number one, with highest priority being: Do your New Year resolutions!
But mostly, this will be a fun year, full of laughter and joy. And in the spirit of my New Years Eve celebration with fancy chamapgane, I decided to add a quote of one of my favourite toestes ever. I forgot who the author is, but I will look it up and edited the post when I find out. All I know that the author is a woman (so selfexplanatory considered the fine humor that it's used. Just kidding. No offence to men).
So happy 2014 (yes I know it's January 8th but Serbians have new year today. I think? That counts as something, right?)
Lucy Jane

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