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I Spend Way Too Much Time Infront of the TV a.k.a TV Series Worth Watching In 2014-part 1

Over the past week so many things has happened and at the same time nothing happened. In Los Angeles a lot of things happened. There were People's Choice Awards and Golden Globes, in science a lot of new things were figured out (honestly I don't really know which, but I did saw an article in a newspaper stating something was finally figured out, or something like that), bunch of new TV series came out and I think a lot of babies were born. But in my home, nothing really happened. The winter semester is over and it's time for the exams. It's the time of the year I hate the most (right after the end of June, when the other half of exams takes place).
And in a typical Lucy way, I didn't study at all during the semester and skipped most of the non-mandatory classes. So as you might guess I have a lot on my plate right now. To top that off I just had to watch all the new series that came out in January, and all the series are back on air now (or still on air. Yes I'm talking about Revenge!!!). I did all that so you don't have to (yes, you can thank me later). So here's my quick summary of what's hot on TV right now (SPOILER ALERT!).

The new series:


Is a brand new series set in the world where it's possible to create a chip so sophisticated and overall awesome that can give a human (with a certain mutation) access to internet, every American intelligence archives, satellites, basically they are able to put a computer inside of human head. This human computer guy is Gabriel and story follows him and his newly assigned body guard Riley (a female bodyguard that is, so they can eventually end up together ). The only thing stopping the writers from making human computer and his female bodyguard from becoming a forbidden item is Gabriel's missing (official story is she's dead) wife, who he love very, very much. And Gabriel and Riley are on call and are saving the innocent people of America from all kinds of threats (there's only two episodes so far and they already fought terrorists, kidnapers, local gangs, rouge Chinese spies, discovered a mole inside the top secret program they're part of. The part I don't get is why, once they got the spy, kidnapper and the mole, they only arrested the spy and let everyone else go unharmed and undetected, considering they were involved into kidnapping and the other part of the scheme. But maybe it's just me.)


From producer Sofia Vergara (and tons of others, but her is the only name that is mentioned so many times, you kind of can't miss it. Or forget it for that matter.) comes a series about a fearless Texas ranger Molly Parker. She is though, smart and has a very sexy love interest. I'm sorry but who doesn't love a man with a gun (that is not pointing at you, of course!)? So far the thing that this series concentrates the most (besides Molly kicking bunch of dudes asses and bringing the justice to state of Texas) is how to survive an abuse from a spouse. Every episode so far included a woman who was abused by men (SPOILER ALERT!) including Molly. She was abused by her husband and now wants a divorce. But her husband, a state senator doesn't want to let her go.

The old series that hadn't had a midseason finale (yet):


Last year (oh yes, the #revengewedding is so last year!) Emily and Daniel got married, which turned out to be kind of bad thing, since she wasn't pregnant and he kind of found out and shoot her, making her sterile (she can't have kinds). And now she broke it off with Aiden, so she could continue her plan to avenge to the mighty Grayson's.

N.C.I.S. & N.C.I.S. Los Angeles

This year a N.C.I.S. Red is supposed to join this Navy Crime Investigation Services duo, but was canceled. But N.C.I.S. is rocking a new Kate/Ziva - a super smart Ellie Bishop. She is married, so DiNozzo can't have a love interest in her too (thank God! See him getting heartbroken twice was more than  enough). I like her, she is smart, analytical thinking and completely different from both Kate and Ziva. Also I like how she does this food association thing. I do that too!
In N.C.I.S. Los Angeles the main reason I watch the series (besides finding out what G. stands for) is currently separated by the Atlantic ocean. I was so happy when Deeks and Kensi finally got together, I almost threw my laptop on the floor and started jumping on her (yes, my laptop is a she) to let go of my frustration when I found out Kensi was sent to Afghanistan to a mission. And without a chance to say goodbye to Deeks. So, so frustrating.


After Patrick Jane killed the Red John the writers had to came up with something new. And they did. Personally I wasn't convinced at first. I mean, Jane and the F.B.I. working together?  With only Cho and Lisbon at his side. No Van Pelt and Rigsby (I finally figured out of who he reminds me of. I know it's stupid and I'm probably the only person seeing the resemblance, but he reminds me of Mr. Incredible from the animated movie The Incredibles). But last week's episode gave me hope. BTW congrats to Van Pelt and Righsby, the baby is adorable. Even though there's no more C.B.I. it looks like the old gang is back together. Yey!!!


Who doesn't know this series? I love Neil Patrick Harris (and the rest of the cast). I am sad that this is the last season, but at the same time excited, because there's gossip that How I Met Your Father is coming to our televisions! I won't write what the series is about, the title and past 8 seasons tells you all. But I just had to mention it! Especially after the episode (Slapsgiving 3: Slappoitment in Slapamarra) that was so unrealistic it felt like I was watching my dreams become true on television.


I mean look at that body. Who wouldn't want to watch that for 40 minutes?
I couldn't skip one my favorite series set in my favorite city in the world - New York City. Not to mention Matt Bomer plays the lead. Such a shame he's gay. But since I'll probably never met him in a real life it doesn't really matter, does it? If I can make him date me in my day dreams, I guess I can make him straight as well =) The series so far is focused on one big scheme to get something (not completely sure, but I think it's some sort of hidden treasure) all orchestrated by this scheming b***h Rebecca (whose name probably even isn't Rebecca). This is what happens when Sarah leaves for London. We (I mean me!) want her back!

The old series that just started a new season:


Sherlock is awesome. The whole idea of a highly functioning sociopath is just simply genius. And the British accent. Which girl doesn't fall for that? The only thing I don't like about Sherlock is all the jumping back and forth and into Sherlock's mind and back to reality. For someone that isn't native English speaker it gets pretty confusing and you (at least I did) can get lost quickly if you get interrupted by someone while you're watching (namely my mom, asking me if how was my day. Great, until you asked me about it and remembered me I didn't do anything at all, except watched TV for five or more hours. Now that I agnoleged that, I want to be left alone, so I can spend another 5 hours in front of TV! That is a quick presentation of how my life looks like right now.). Oh and BTW according to Sherlock himself, Sherlock is really a girls name =)


A big hit. But I don't watch it anymore. But my little sis does and she keeps me in the loop, so I know that the four liars found out Alison is still alive and Ezra is a new A. I knew the first will come out eventually, but I am not at all happy with Ezra being A. I mean, even though him and Aria together is kind of statutory rape (I am not completely sure when they slept together but who cares about the details like that? I don't.) I still think they are the cutes couple in this series. Not that Hannah and Caleb aren't cute, but I like Fitz and Aria better. Even though I was just told they aren't together anymore. Apparently she even had another boyfriend - Jake who thought her self-defense.

I could write so many more series, but for right now, I'll just write some titles and added a part two to this (super long) post. In the next part I'll present:
  •  Resurrection
  •  Switched at Birth
  • The Fosters
  • House of Cards
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Rizzoli and Isles
  • Criminal Minds
  • Subugatoy
  • Castle 
  •  Hart Of Dixie
  •  About A Boy
  •  Rake
  •  The Spoils of Babilon
  •  Star-Crossed
  •  True Detective
  •  Bitten 
and anything else I come up with until I write the second part.
As you can see I watch a lot of series. There's so many good new coming out I'm having problems with finding time to watch them all. Thank God they cancelled some of them this year (like Nikita. I loved the series and I am kind of sad it's over. But at the same time I'm happy they got to wrap it up and finish it right. Not like Jane By Design or The Lying Game, that end up in the middle of the story. I hate it when they do that!) so I can start watching new ones! Like Intelligence. And Dracula of course! Who doesn't love the new Dracula?

Don't watch too much TV (I do that for you),
Lucy Jane

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