Friday, October 11, 2013

New York, New York!!!

Ever since I became a Gossip Girl fan, I fell in love with New York. For the next 4 years I was begging my parents to let me go there and this year they finally said yes!
If it would be my way I'd be there the next day and stayed there for the rest of my life. But it wasn't so simple. First thing, I got a nanny for the trip. My uncle tagged along. Well he's OK, but I wanted to go with a friend. Not that I'm complaining since I am actually going to the NEW YORK CITY!!!! (the happiest face ever!)

So I decided to go to the New York in September while I had extended holidays before College. The date was set and there was tons of things I had to do before leaving:

  • buy air-plane tickets
  • reserve a room in a hotel
  • find out about transportation form the airport to the hotel
  • check the prices for transportation around NYC
  • decide which museums and side seeing attractions I want to see
  • check where are my favourite stores
  • and so on and so on ...
Don't worry I will share the long process with you, along with some travelling tips and  things you definitely have to see in NYC and also the ones you should avoid.

xo xo
Lucy Jane, proud future New Yorker (BDW I already found a place where I want to live, now I just have to find about 30 millions to spare :) )

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