Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dracula: True Love Never Dies

There's new TV series that everyone is dishing about. And no it's not The Originals (not that I'm saying that story about Claus isn't a thing to dish about...), it's NBC's Dracula. And it came out with the perfect timing - it's Halloween, and Dracula is one of my all time favourite Halloween movies.
The pilot episode came out on the 25th, I just watched it and I must say I'm already IN LOVE! The plot is perfect, it's a mix of Vampire Diaries and Revenge set in the Victorian England. Oh, I can't believe it, but they made a series of my dreams. I must confess, I had quite a hard time after the final episode of Gossip Girl, and watched like twenty different series at the same time (I somehow managed to see 4 season of Mentalist, 6 seasons of Leverage, 2 seasons of Lie To Me, and 3 seasons of White Collar in a week. Just so we're clear, that is about 280 episodes, each of them about 40 minutes long, so I somehow watched more 7 hours of TV during my final exam period. You can imagine the results I got - I passed and that is all that matters. If that was one week, I'm sure you can do your own calculation of my time in front of a TV). I just couldn't find the one that would occupy my minds for more than 40 minutes that lasts. And now I finally found it:
  • hot English guy (check)
  • period costumes (check)
  • another hot English guy (double check)
  • vengeance and conspiracy (check)
  • lovely ladies for a hot English guy (check, the part about the hot English guy, that so (not)obviously occupied my mind)
  • vampires (not a necessary, but a welcome addition, check)
  • Romeo and Juliet twist (check)
There you have it folks, the perfect plot! With a hot English guy as a main character :)
So the hot English guy I'm talking about is (of course) Dracula, played by not by an English, but Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Mayers. If the name sound familiar, there are a few movies/shows he is known for: Bend it Like Beckham, Tudors, and the most recent; Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. He's a bit old, but still super hot as Dracula. Most of his co-stars are also English born, but the Dracula's love interest is a fairly unknown Australian actress Jessica De Gouw. The only thing I saw with her in it is Arrow, where she plays The Huntress. But I like her, or should I say her character, since I believe you can't judge a book by its cover, so that means I have no idea what kind of a person she is, but like her as a character she plays. 

The story follows the Dracula as he's been awakened from; I have no idea what is the right term, so I'm just going to say: the dead. As I already said it's set in Victorian London, where Dracula introduces himself as a American entrepreneur named Alexander Grayson (anyone else see the humour in his last name? Well I guess this time, it's "the Graysons" that will seek revenge for the killing of someone they loved dearly). He has come to London with a quest to revenge the death of his wife. In the pilot episode, he is introduced to a woman named Mina Murray, for which he believes is a reincarnation of his deceased wife. The plot thickens, when the enemy that he has come to destroy, quickly puts the pieces together and tries to kill him.
So, yes I'm already marking the days that the next episode comes out in my calender. And yes I'm serious, because this is the only way that I'm capable to control my obsessive need to check for new episodes every few hours!
Scary Halloween and don't let Dracula bite you (if it's as handsome as Jonathan, it's fine by me ;))
Lucy Jane

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