Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween costumes part 1

This year I decided to find my inspiration for Halloween costume in movies and TV shows. And got some pretty great ideas. I tried to divide them according to expenses and time you'll need to get the costume done.

So first is my personal favourite costume and is shown on the picture below. It will cost you about nothing and you need less than a minute to do it. And it will give you the right to write on the walls.
Do do this costume you'll need a black pen or an eye-liner. The process of making this costume is extremely long and hard to do. You take the pen or the thing you'll use to write on your face. With the help of mirror write BOOK on your face. And you're ready!

I found the inspiration for this costume in the TV show, Hart of Dixie. And this will probably be my costume of choice for the next year. Yes, I want to dress up as a SOUTHERN BELL. And I wouldn't mind a handsome southern gentlemen by my side.

This costume is a either time consuming to make or quite expensive. I found a page where they sell Civil War era dresses (the store is called "The Victorian Choice".. The prices varies between  90$ to 140$. You can also create a familiar costume if you own an old wedding dress. It has to have slime waist, and big fluffy skirt. To top the look you can add matching bonnet, and or umbrella.

xxx Lucy Jane

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