Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl: Beautiful Creatures

Have you watched the movie? We'll I did and I loved it. But as usual I read the book first. And I loved it too. The book has a few sequels (right now I'm too lazy to check how many) and I think the movie will get them too. I hope so, because right now I'm obsessed with everything that's from the American South. And I love their accent. So yes, a story about a sleepy southern town with dark secrets and a background story about ancestors from Civil War, I fell in love with the plot the minute I heard words Civil War and South.

The story is set in Gatlin, a small Southern town, and is told by Ethan White. It's first day of school and the story starts with Ethan dreaming about a girl, he doesn't know, and he's not able to save her from the death. Later the same day he meets the girl from the dream. She is new to the school, her name is Lena Duchannes and is a niece of the local weirdo. Ethan falls for her, but she has a dark secret, that will eventually drove them apart. Lena comes from a witch family, but they prefer the term Caster. And at their sixteenth birthday they are claimed by light or darkness. Lena's birthday is only a few moths away and she is afraid she'll be claimed by the darkness like her cousin. As the story progress Lena and Ethan become a couple despite the possibility that Lena becomes a dark Caster, with a wicked spell above her head. The story ends soon after Lena's birthday. And again I'm not giving y'all any spoilers, I think you should read the book, or at least see the movie. The ending is bitter sweet, but not final, and the story continues in the next book.

The book is well written and for somebody like me, that is capable of dreaming in the middle of the day and is still expecting a letter from Hogwarts (even though he/she is old enough to finish it a few years ago...), it wasn't hard to imagine Gatlin and everything and everyone in it.

As far as the differences between the book and the movie I won't write that down here, because I found a perfectly good page that did this for me :)

I guess I should stop dreaming about fantasy worlds and expecting a letter from Hogwarts (but I'm sure Dumbledore and later on Mr. Longbottom made a huge mistake, since I'm capable of... Well nothing to weird, but I do know how to make a killer apple pie, maybe they should take me as a supervisory cook for dobbies ;) or a key keeper, since I know how to lock things so good even I can't unlock them. For instance my password for an old email account). But I can pack my things and move to Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi or maybe Texas. I certainly wouldn't mind a wealthy Southern gentleman that lives in one of those big houses in a new colonial style. I would probably fell in love with him the minute he'd show me his house and introduced himself with the charm all the southerns are famous for.
Future southern belle, miss "Southern Gentleman" Lucy Jane

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