Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New TV shows worth watching

It's the season of new TV shows and now, that most of them already have at least one or two episodes, I decided to make your life easier. I sacrificed my precious time and watched the most promising ones. I must say that I did found my replacement for Gossip Girl (its NBC's Dracula) and a few other shows that I'm quite interested in.

  • Dracula, my new favourite show, that I already dedicated a post to =)

  • The next on the list is CWTV Reign. It's a story about young Queen Mary of Scotland. I like the cast, especially the male part (the guy playing Bash is super hot) and story is also interesting. But the thing I like the most are the dresses that they are wearing. Whoever is responsible for costumography did an amazing job so far and I would love to say this to him personally (in the hopes to be allowed to try one on). 

  • The Tomorrow People is also a CWTV new show about a new spices - Homo Superior. They are the next step in human evolution and are capable of telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation. The main character is a teenager Steven Jamison, whose father is one of the tomorrow people. The twist is, that the government doesn't like this "new spices" and they made an organization called Ultra, to hunt them down and kill them. Jedikiah is the head of Ultra and also Steven's uncle. Steven works for him as a double agent in hopes of finding his father, that will help him save the tomorrow people. I did some research and I found out there already is a series called The Tomorrow People, an old UK one. It has a slightly different story, but both have people with "powers" and enemies that wants them destroyed. 
  • The Originals, a spin off series of The Vampire Diaries. I'm sure you already know all about them, but I just had to add a picture of Claus and his perfection =)

Then there is also three new series from ABC Family: 
  1. Ravenswood, a spin off series of The Pretty Little Liars. 
  2. Twisted (this one already has 11 episodes and is currently on a break, but I always start watching new series in October. It's kind of a ritual)
  3. The Fosters (the same thing applies here, and I don't like that ABC Family does series premier in the middle of the Summer. It breaks my ritual of trying to keep up with all the old series, that already have 4 seasons and I can watch from beginning to the end in one week if I want to)
  • And I would almost forgot ABC new hit series Agents of S.I.E.L.D. I saw commercials for this show all over Manhattan while I was there in September. You'll love the series if you're into superheroes, since Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are kind of human super heroes (if you watched The Avengers, than you know that The Black Widow is one of them, but sadly she' not a part of the series)
Don't spend to much time in front of TV watching all those awesome series I just told you about ;)
Lucy Jane

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