Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's October and I'm already freezing

Last year at the same time I went out wearing a T-shirt and a light sweater, but today it was so cold I had to wear my winter thingies. Today I even went to the store and bought special, super warm winter leggings. And I HATE leggings. If anything this should tell you how cold is in my wonderful city right now. But I guess I have to sacrifice some of my beliefs in order not to freeze while I write this blog.

The level of stress that wearing leggings got me in, kind of got me in a bad mood, so I had to do something in order to calm myself down. And there is no better medicine than homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows. But the lazy person I become in the last few days is guilty of making instant hot chocolate. Well that and I still hadn't found a recipe that could made taste as good as the instant one. I promise I will share it with you as soon as I find the one I like.

This my famous instant hot chocolate with marshmallows. I am even that kind to give you my secret recipe for it:
-first you go to the closest store that sells hot chocolate (I found mine next to instant coffee and tea) and buy it (the price varies from 1$ up 3$ per cup)
-you should also have some milk, so if you don't have it buy that too
-*if you own a microwave than this step is super easy, just put the instant hot chocolate powder into your favorite cup, add milk, stir until it's smooth and put into microwave for a minute or two (read in the instructions, it varies from brand to brand)
-*if you don't own a microwave put instant hot chocolate powder into a pot, add milk and stir while it slowly boils on a small fire. The longer you'll boil it the thicker it will get. I usually stir for a minute after it starts boiling.
-finally stir for the last time and add a bunch of small marshmallows
Bon appetit and à bientôt
Lucy Jane

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