Friday, May 2, 2014

"Man, that girl is CRAZY!!!" - Confessions of Gossip Girl Addict, part 3

Besides the fact, that I (almost) never keep a promise I make on the internet (so yes, this doesn't really counts as a confession, since, let's face it, it's really clear to everyone who has ever read anything on my blog!) there's a few things I thought should make the cut for the part three of Confessions of Gossip Girl Addict thingy I have going on here.
First of all, I didn't really plan on this to go on so long, but this has became my safety net for not going completely bananas for not telling everyone about the latest crazy thing that I did.
Second, I think it's safe to say, I'm a pretty crazy person. I do prefer the term special though, so please, if you're planning on judging me and saying: "Man, that girl is crazy!" please consider replacing the c-word with s-word, and yes I mean SPECIAL!
About my confessions, so you know these people that have way to much on their hands? And they don't know what to do with it, so they go and do something? Anything really? I'm not one of those people. When I'm bored and don't know what to do, I just find somebody, anybody really and start complaining. About anything and everything. Somehow, when everything else fails, complaining never, ever get's old. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!
One down, two more to go. The second one is no real surprise, but I kind of figured out my life is so pathetic, that I spend so much time in front of TV I kind of already seen all the good TV shows international television has to offer. So when I saw some news about Ariana Grande I realized, she was/is on a TV show. So I said to myself: "What the heck Lucy, why not go and check out that Victorious show she was on." And I did. And absolutely fell for it. I know, my life must be so pathetic, but you must admit it, didn't you ever want to go to a high school like that? I'd love to go to a high school like that. This way of thinking resulted in me seeing the entire four seasons in two days... Well, what can I say? I'm nothing if not?!?! SPECIAL!

And the last, but not the least, Wattpad. You might know what it is, but for those who don't, it's a online community of writers and readers. You can publish a book and people can read it for free, they can comment, vote and stuff like that. It also has an app, that got me into trouble. The thing is, I just joined Wattpad like a week ago, and since then I hadn't had a decent night sleep yet. Because I always end up reading these amazing books in the evening and they have me sucked in so much that I can't stop reading until the end of the book. And after that I have to play Candy Crush, because two and a half hours has passed and my lifes are full again. Speaking of which, I'm gonna go now, and get to this next level even if it's the last thing I do before I (finally) go to sleep. Because where I am right now, it's 1.30 in the morning. Oh, the price of becoming obsessed with Wattpad....

Forever yours, special and even a slightly, tiny, little bit (OK a lot) crazy,
Lucy Jane

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