Saturday, May 17, 2014

Can't Wait For What The Fall 2014 Brings On TV

So this week the TV networks were kind enough to enlighten the humble TV viewers with their decisions about which TV shows will be renewed and which cancelled and which are coming to the TV.
I'm crying over the cancellation of Suburgatory, but the worst news was the cancellation of The Crazy Ones! And to top that off, they ended with a cliff-hanger. A freaking CLIFF-HANGER!!!! Now I'm not crying, I'm mad. I'm really mad.
Don't those people on TV know what it does to a person to not know the end and the horrible feeling you get from knowing you never will. Would it kill them to decide a month before on weather or not there will be another season? Maybe then the writers could wrap things up in a decent way. And definitely without a freaking cliff-hanger.
Anyhow, right now I want to tell you about this one series that is coming on TV (I believe in fall 2014, but if I could change that I would want to watch it right now). It's called FOREVER.
I checked all the trailers and storylines and I liked this one the best.
The story centers around a 200 year old guy (played by that dude from Ringer - Ioan Gruffudd) that work in the morgue and helps solving crime. Oh and he's immortal, but doesn't know why and does his best to figure out why he can't die. And there's a love story. There's always a love story.
Anyhow I'll be writing more about the TV shows that I love and adore and am obsessed with in the near future. For now, this is it.
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