Saturday, July 5, 2014

And Summer Has Officially Began!!!

Can you believe it? The final's month is FINALLY over and right now I'm having my hard earned holidays! Well, you can hardly call it holidays, since I'm constantly bombarded with demands from my relatives like: Do this... Make sure this is done... Take care of this...
And it never stops! They want me to pick up kids from daycare, to entertain them while they are having a break - which seems like all the time! Sure I like kids, but right now, I can't even look at a picture of one without remembering about how loud and dirty and demanding they are. If someone asked me if I want to have kids, right now, I'd say no. It's not that I'm not capable of taking care of them, I just don't fell like all the extra work that comes with them. Sure if they come I'll be grateful and will love them with all my heart, but I'm not planning on having one for the next ten years... Besides, I'm still young, there's absolutely no need to hurry.
About my finals, so far I know I passed 7 out of 13 exams, I'm still waiting the results on one, and have a total of five to do in the fall. So yeah, these holidays I'll definitely need to study if I want to pass this year. And I do, I have no intention of going through this year all over again! So, wish me luck, and pray that I'll have enough strength and motivation to study, so I'll pass those stupid exams!

Now to more happy news. I decided to do something, besides watch TV shows and work this summer. Not that I already got a job, but I'll probably do some waitressing in one of the nearby caffes. Or something like that. But that's not relevant. What matters is I'll probably open an Etsy shop and start selling handmade traditional Idrian lace. I've learned how to make a lace in seventh grade in the past few years I've seriously considered the option of making lace jewellery and accessories. Maybe one day I'll be good enough to make lace shoes, like the one's Ben Affleck wore on one of the premiers (I think in Venice... Holy guacamoly, that rhymes!)
Let me know, what do you think of my idea (the one of opening an Etsy shop). I really don't want to go through all the hard work the process of making a lace requires for nothing. Because here's an example: To make that small patch of lace you see on these shoes I'd need about five to eight hours to make. Depends on how good my mood is at the moment.
Anyhow (how much I loooove, this word!), I have to get back to my vacation a.k.a. work camp my relatives created. 
God, I missed this. I promise I'll do my best and start writing again (and do all my usual posts about TV, movies and books. Three of my favourite things - if you forget about shopping and food)
Lucy Jane 

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