Monday, July 28, 2014

My Summer Project - LACE

I've learned how to make lace when I was about twelve years old. I took a class in school, and I liked it. When I went to high school and I stopped visiting the classes, I stopped making lace. But this summer I decided I want to make some lace jewelry, and because I forgot how to make some of lace making techniques, I googled if they were on the internet. They weren't, so I just had to make do with my old notes. Luckily for me, I have great motoric memory. I remembered how to make them, and now I want to share this knowledge with you. So I made videos of how to make lace. This is the first one. I know I have to make another one real quick with the basics of how to tie the knots between the bobbins in the pair. And how to prevent the thread from just falling off the bobbin. I promise I'll try my best and do that in the next 24h.
And now to lace making. I put the video on YouTube for everyone to see.


-Colored thread (I used the one that's usually use for gobelin-making instead of the thread for lace-making, because it's easier to see what I'm doing in the video this way), like pink and violet
-Two pairs of bobbins (that's four bobbins)


-First your bobbins must have thread on and be tied together in a pair (I did that before I start filming...)
-Put the pin into the middle of the pillow and put the bobbins, so you'll have each pair on one side (two bobbins with pink thread on the left and two bobbins with violet thread on the right)
-In each hand take the bobbin of the right and put it over the bobbin on the left. Than take the right bobbin (=the bobbin on the right side) in the left hand and put it over the left bobbin (the bobbin on the left) in the right hand.
-Repeat the movement. If you're doing it right you'll get the original setting of the bobbins on every fourth repetition. (if you started with pink on the left and violet on the right, after the first repetition you'll get (from left to right) pink, violet, pink, violet; the second time you'll get violet, violet, pink, pink; the third time: violet, pink, violet, pink; and the fourth time you'll get the original setting: pink, pink, violet, violet.)
-When the braid starts moving too much (it's too long to continue without moving too much) just put a pin in the middle (after you're finished with crossing the right bobbin in the left hand over the left bobbin in the right hand) between the bobbins, so you'll get two bobbins on each side of the pin.
-I went around the pillow three times, so I really learned how to make it. But you can just continue until you're sure you know how to do it with your eyes blindfolded.
-When you're finished you need to tie it. Take a pair of bobbins into your hands and put the right bobbin over the left one, so you have the right bobbin's thread under the left bobbin, and the left bobbin's thread over the right bobbin.
-You need to make two knots for each pair. Cut the rest of thread away right under the knots (be careful so you don't cut the knot.)
-Leave the lacy braid on the pillow for a few hours, than remove the pins and you have your first official lace.

I know that it doesn't look like much, but it's the basic. I already filmed the next technique, I just need to edit it. It's more practical than the four braid lace... BTW I used this lacy braid for a bracelet, but you can also use it as a decoration for your homemade bookmark...
Hope you like my summer project =)
Lucy Jane

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