Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Promised Macron Recipe

So here's the promised recipe for macrons. It took some time, but I finally did it.

For about 30 macrons (depends on how big you want the shells to be):
- 90 g of egg white (it's better if you leave it on a kitchen counter for a day))
- 30 g of white sugar
- 200 g of powdered sugar
- 110 g of almond powder/flour or fine blended almonds (preferably white)
- colour die for food if you wish (whatever the correct expression for this is, I hope you got my point)

Process (just be ready to repeat it over and over and over again, before you make perfect macrons):
-quickly mix egg whites, until you can see bubbles.
- add the white sugar
- mix until egg whites turn white and you are able to turn around the plate (you were mixing egg whites in) and the mix doesn't fall out of the plate
- add almonds and powdered sugar
- mix them into a think but creamy paste (mix like you're folding it (from downside to up)
- optional: somewhere in the middle of previous step add the colouring.
- paste is perfect when it flattens in about 10 s after you stopped mixing it
- put the paste into a plastic bag and cut off a really small piece of one corner
- make shells on a baking sheet (or however it's called - the thing you put your  cookies and stuff on so they don't burn into the baking pan) or you can buy a special macron baking sheet

- leave them to rest for about 60 minutes (depends on humidity), so they form a slight crust
- bake them in an preheated oven on 140 degrees Celsius for 22 minutes; when the macrons rise, lover the temperature to 130 degrees Celsius
- after we took them out of oven, leave them to cool down for 5 minutes
- turn macrons around together with the baking sheet
- pull the baking sheet off the macrons (not the other way around)
That's how your macron shells should look like
- put two together and put a marmalade or chocolate ganache or a cream cheese mix in between
-et voila:

Bon appetite
Lucy Jane

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