Monday, December 9, 2013

Feeling Bored

So earlier this week I decided to do some stuff until the end of the year. I made "The December Resolutions List". I put on all kinds of stuff. From lose five pounds to write more, and study more. The study more is more or less just a technicality, because I have to start to study all together. But to tell you the truth I don't like the college I'm going to, and I'm searching for alternative, but so far, I hadn't came up with one. My mom said that I have to study or I should go and get a job. But tell me, what am I supposed to do? The high school I went to didn't give me any sort of usable knowledge, unless you count the ability to finish advanced math with a decent grade without really studying a good thing to do in the world (please note that I'm not bragging, it's just a fact that I do OK in math and if it makes you feel any better, I suck at French because I'm too lazy to open the book so I only know enough French to not to get sold away in France. Or maybe not even that much. I should try it sometimes I guess). So for now I'm stuck in college doing the exact thing I hate the most, studying about things I know will never need in my life.

Instead of complaining I decided to do something about it. So I'm complaining about it on the internet. Well that and I also made a facebook page, updated my old polyvore account, made a new tumbler blog and a pintrest board (I hadn't quite figured out how to do all the "pinning" yet, so excuse me if I used a wrong term or something). So here you have it mom; I'm doing the whole social media experience! How's that for a quality time full of learning. Honestly, I had no idea you still can't add your pictures in polyvore collages, or that you can have a singing tumbler blog. Which is highly annoying if I may say, since I do most of browsing during college classes. It's not nice when you forget to turn off the speaker and suddenly in the middle of the heated discussion about Freud, all of the sudden One Directions Best Song Ever starts to play. No seriously guys, all I want to do is see and reblog your photo, not listen to One Direction or Lorde or whatever you set to play when I open your blog. Because than instead of being happy about seeing your beautiful picture all I want to do is close the tab that plays music (not that I have anything against One Direction or Lorde, I just want to be able to watch your photos during class without the possibility of getting caught because you just had to share that beautiful song with me!).
Enough about that, and more about the resolutions I made for this December. First I must say I am a person that believes that if you repeat the same thing every single day, than it becomes part of your routine and it's not hard to do anymore. I used to get up at seven fifty, but when I started high school I switched to getting up at seven o'clock and now that I'm in collage (and have all those morning classes that start before eight!) I'm getting up at six thirty. And now, that two months has passed I even wake up at six thirty on weekends (I usually don't get up until nine, but who cares?). So I decided to make it a point of starting to exercise every day for at least half an hour; Starting tomorrow, of course. And even more, I decided to write something and post it on blogger every single day until the New Year's Eve. And maybe even longer if start studying about, well right now.

Oh and decided to do one more thing. Every since I was a little girl I always wanted to write a book, so I decided to at least finish the first chapter of a story I'm currently  working on. I decided that you will be the best judges of weather I should or shouldn't continue writing. So any comments or anything will be much appreciated. I don't mind a bad critic as long as they are constructive and have a good reason. "I hate it" or "It sucks" isn't enough for me. I want to know exactly why you hate it or why it sucks, I also want to know why you like it or love it. So please be constructive. I already wrote the prolog and first half of the chapter one. I will be posting prolog soon, and hopefully chapter one not long after that.
Oh, and I almost forgot. If you won't like the story I'm currently working on another one, that already has prolog and chapter one and some of chapter two written. For this one I have the entire story in my mind and already written the pointers down. It has a working title Madame and I'm really excited about writing it. Way more than about the other one, that I call Words Left Unsaid. Which is quite funny since I have almost no filter and practically always tell everything that is in my mind. You should hear me in the restaurant with one of my best friends talking about everything, including gossiping about the boy at the next table (I had no idea he was there, maybe I wouldn't say all the things I said if I knew he was. But what is done is done, it's not like I'm gonna date him or anything).
In hopes all of you are not as bored (and becoming obsessed with social media) as me,

Lucy Jane

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