Thursday, December 5, 2013

Easy, Fast & Cheap Home Made Italian Lunch

I love Italian fashion, charm and their delicious food. I visited almost all the big Italian cities and some smaller ones too. I love Italy, and I can't wait for a trip to Rome I'm planning in March!
But today I'll share with you one of my favourite recipes for Italian pasta. It's super easy to do, it's not time or money consuming. And it's delicious and healthy.

This is what is waiting for you to eat it after less than half an hour of cooking (well you have to wait for 15 for pasta to cook and also for red pepper to steam).

Pasta with red pepper and mozzarella
 Ingredients (for four people):
- 2 red peppers
- 4 spoons of oil
- 1 mozzarella (200 g) or 100 g of cheese that melts
- 50 mL (or 1/5 cup) sweet cream
- salt and pepper

- 400 g of short pasta (I used Barilla's Farfalle; you can use Pipette, Rotini, Radiatore)

What to do:
Boil the water, add some salt and pasta. Cook for as long as it's instructed on the packaging.

Wash the red pepper and cut it.

Put 4 spoons of oil in a pot add red pepper and steam it for 15 minutes

Add some salt and pepper, and right before we serve the meal, add the mozzarella/cheese (which you already cut into small squares) and sweet cream. Stir until cheese melts a little.
Put the pasta on the plate, pour the red pepper sauce over, and you have a easy, fast, cheap, healthy and delicious meal for lunch or light dinner.

Buon Appetito Popolo! (and yes I used Google translator for this)

Lucy Jane

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