Monday, April 14, 2014

Ladies and Gentleman, She is BACK!!!

It's been almost two months to the day since I posed something. I could lie and say, I've been busy but this wasn't the case. In fact I'm kind of in middle of a crisis. I have no idea what I want (other than not live in this amazing house I found in the Hamptons. It only costs 5 million dollars - which is like three and a half million euros. It has eight rooms, nine bathrooms, a view to the beach, a private beach with a shed and private pier. To top that off it also has a heated pool and a legally built guest house with two more bedrooms and bathrooms, a pole room and what looks like a home fitness. Too bad it doesn't has a tennis court. No wonder it only costs 5, not 45 millions dollars ;) ) or what I'm doing with my life. So I kind of put my life on hold and (probably out of laziness and mild case of depression) stopped writing all together.
But a week ago, after going trough all the bookmarks on my Suzy (I finally decided on the name for my laptop. And when I get a car I'll name her Betty. Then I'll have Petunia - my tablet, Suzy and Betty. This is what you get for being afraid of dogs, allergic to cats and a growing dislike for pets of any kind.) and I found an Avon Impulse page. Out on a whim I decided to write a series of epic romance novels. So far I've already have the in-detail plot for the first and second book, and a rough plot for the fifth one. Also I just finished first and started on the second chapter of the second book today. Basically, the books will be about five friends, that met in college, bonded over their love of wine and books. Soon they create a book club appropriately called Wine Club. Each girl will get their own book. This is all I'm gonna say for now, but I'm having a lot of fun writing and creating the girls stories. Hopefully, I will finish the fourth chapter by the end of the week and will be sending the manuscript to the Avon Impulse people. Fingers crossed they'll like it. I will keep you posted on the matter.

So this kind of get me the needed motivation to start blogging again, hopefully this time, I won't give up so quickly.
Another thing happened in the past two months, that's worth talking about. The ice skating season is over and I even accidentally saw a real hockey game! The thing is, I was ice skating as a part of a class I choose to take this year (It was called something like: Medicine and preventive in sport) and I had an exam last week. At seven thirty p.m. on Saturday. If I was a regular twitter user, this is how I would capture this event:

#ThatAwkwardMoment when you're having a ice skating exam in front of 40 soon-to-be professional hockey players. At least I didn't fall. This time.

Not exactly what I had to do, but I just love this gif =)
Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I have confirmed that they were watching me and I felt worse than when I had to preform in front of two hundred people. Seriously, this is this one humiliating moment of my life I wish would happen. That and this one time I was so drunk I kind of screamed to a very hot guy, I know and his friends that I also know, he's really hot. No problem there though, since he doesn't know me and was kind of hammered and probably doesn't even remember. At least I had a good music as a background. My friend got Justin Bieber's If I was Your Boyfriend. Not that I have anything against him, I don't even know the guy, it's just his music is so catchy. It was stuck in my head for the entire evening: If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go... The good thing is, I did get a 10 (that's like an A+) for my ice skating knowledge. Hooray for me!!!
Lucy Jane (BTW it feels good to be back!)

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