Thursday, November 21, 2013

Where Not to Eat...

So today I went to a lunch with my friend. At first we were planning to eat healthy and watch our body-shape, but when we saw the menu in the "healthy" restaurant we were planning to eat, we changed our minds. It must of been quite a funny sight: "Two girls walked in this super small place, where they only serve fruits and vegetables watched the menu for a while, making faces as they read the words French bean salad, broccoli soup, beetroot soup... Then they looked at each other burst into laughing turned around and left the place." If you can imagine that, than you know exactly how we looked at the "healthy" restaurant.
So, we left the place and suddenly we didn't care about our health any longer and decided to eat at one of the Mexican restaurants in our city. We decided to go to the Joe Peña's Cantina and Bar. I never been there and I heard that the food is delicious and that it has great atmosphere. We were both excited and super hungry when we came to the Cantina.

I went by the Cantina many times before and I liked the way it looks and the people seemed happy with both the service and the food. But when we arrived the Cantina was full and we just sat  down at the table where two other guests just left. The table was still dirty and it was left like that until we left. As if this wasn't enough we waited for a waiter for about 20 minutes, just to get the menus. Oh, and I have to tell you that some of the restaurants in the city I'm currently studying have a special menus for students, that are cheaper and partly founded by the government. We have to use our mobile phone and call a number and than put our phone on a machine that identify us and gives us the right to a cheaper meal. Well I guess my phone had a bad day because I had to call the number more than five times, before the waiter gave up and brought another machine. And he was kind of rude about it too.
If it would be just that, I would survive and forget the awful first (more than) half an hour, but apparently I got a lot of bad karma for not eating French beans and broccoli soup. Because once we gave our order to the (not very nice) waiter we waited for a loooong time before we got the soup and than the main dish and than the desert. The couple next to us, that came when we gave our order got their food before us! Can you see why I'm so unhappy?
When the food finally arrived, the soup was (guess what!) broccoli or something equally not in my range of not eatable food. The nachos that we got were good, but we got only two different super small plate sauce for two people. Does that mean that if I was alone I would get even smaller plate? I'm not even sure if it's possible to get a smaller plate. Or they just thought that we didn't need two sets of sauce for two people? Anyhow, we were still having a great time gossiping about everyone and anyone we set our mind to. But as the time passed we were getting hungrier, and the waiter with  our food was no where to be seen. When he finally brought the food, for which he assured me, that is not spicy, I almost burned my mouth trying to eat it. So much for the nice waiter and the main dish went down the toilet. And the salad. We got mixed salad with some spicy sauce. If you haven't figured out that yet, I'm not the biggest fan of vegetable, so my enthusiasm when I got it didn't really show. And I only ate the tomato, cumber and corn. And there goes the salad. I really do prefer the restaurants where you can pick your own salad, considering that I left half of it and it was later thrown away!

At this point, we started openly complain about the food and the service. When the waiter came to pick our food and asked us if we finished, we said yes, but when he asked us if the food was all right I didn't say a thing, even though I wanted to scream how bad it was and that he lied to me that my fajitas wouldn't be spicy. We didn't know that there was a desert but when we saw it on the next desk, our spirits lifted up for one last time. I believe that desert has a potential to either saves or ruins the meal.
I was ecstatic when I got the beautify arranged plate with what at the moment seemed as a delicious desert with fried banana rolled in tortilla, served with chocolate and caramel sauce with some sweet cream on the side. I'm just thinking about it and I became super hungry, by the delicious vision I created in my head. And this is the main reason why I never want to set foot in this restaurant, except if the staff changes completely. The desert was (put in the nicest words possible) awful. Banana was all greasy on one side and super hard on the other. I would survive that, but it was black in the middle (we got half of banana each, and I still can't believe that the chef hadn't noticed this!) and I almost threw up, trying to eat it. And yes I behaved super unladylike and spit the part of banana that I had in my mouth into my napkin.
Please do something about that restaurant, because I'm kind of proud of my table manners and Joe Peña's is destroying my reputation. If you're my (future) boyfriend/friend that fells like he/she should take me to this restaurant, please DON'T! I really don't want to embarrass you, by my lack of manners that seems to come out when I visit this place.

I would say spread the love, but I really don't fell a lot of love right now, so goodbye my cyber "friends",

still hungry Lucy Jane

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