Saturday, November 23, 2013

What if...

During a class about motivation and emotions, I did some thinking about what is my biggest motivation in life and came to a (un)realistic conclusion. To make it easier to understand, I even draw it for you guys (and I also wanted to share my talent for drawing).
I know I'm not five, but after the royal baby George was born I relapsed back into my royal obsession.
I found all my old magazines with the Royal Wedding as the main theme and read them all over again. I also started to daydream about my perfect wedding with a prince (any prince will do the trick, but somehow I always imagined it would be a handsome one, preferably prince Harry (don't mind that its rumored that he's about to get married too. Sadly not to me) or the prince of Sweden. He's one good-looking fellow.)

So if you're still trying to figure out what my current motivation in life is, here's a short simple answer: To marry a prince and become a princess.
I was even thinking to put an add that would be something like this: Single beautiful and intelligent woman's looking for a handsome prince. You can actually be a blue blood or only your last name is prince. The only thing is that you have to be (and remain) a prince. So no future kings please, I want to become a princess not a queen. Queens have way to many responsibilities, princesses not as much.
So if you're a prince, what are you waiting for, I right here waiting to become a princess :)
Princess Lucy Jane of Wonderland

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