Monday, November 25, 2013

Let's Dance!

I know that it is an old movie (like so 2012) but I just couldn't resist. Hope y'all forgive me =)

 Today while surfing the web I came across the trailer for Step Up Revolution. It's kind of a sequal to previous Step Up movies, even though there is no Channing Tatum in it (don't know what do you think, but  for me that makes it half less interesting to watch). But I rememberd that Moose is in it and I couldn't resist and I wached it again. I must confess, it is not as good as the first Step Up (which I adore and know by heart) but it's good enough to watch it more than once (and not fall a sleep while doing it). 

Basically the movie is about bunch of kids that love to dance. They want to become famous, via winning a YouTube contest. So they make (or do, I have no idea how to say this right, and google doesn't know either...) flash mobs around Miami. But when a "mean" tycoon wants to build bounch of hotels in their neighborhood, they use their dancing skills to protest. Oh, and there is a pretty girl that falls in love with a hot shirtless guy (the reason that women love to watch those movies).

Obviously I have a lot of free time and I spent the majority of it in front of  a computer watching movies/TV shows/videos of Ellen Show on YouTube... And now that I'm writing about this "so last year" movie I would like to suggest some good (and not so good) "dance movies" that I watched I liked.
So here's the list:
-my personal favorite STEP UP

-HONEY (This movie has a sequal but I didn't like it. But as a Vampire Diaries fan I had to watch it since Kat Graham plays the lead)

-MAGIC MIKE, ok maybe it isn't a dance movie, but strippers dance right?

-CENTER STAGE 1&2 sequals about the hard world of ballet
-SAVE THE LAST DANCE (also has a sequal which I did watch yet, but can't wait to do it)
-STREET DANCE, there is a bunch of hot shirtless guys with British accent. Do I need to say more? Oh, and it has a sequal, which I didn' watch. Yet.
I think I wrote down all dance movies that I came up with in the last 10 minutes. Of course they dance in musicals too (like Chicago and A Chours Line), but a musical is a musical, the main thing there is singing. But who didn't try to dance on All that jazz, or on Welcome to Burlesque?

I know I had a great time doing it =)
Lucy Jane

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