Thursday, February 13, 2014

Movie of the Month: Magic Mike

I've gave this month's choice a lot of thought. At first I was thinking of going for the obvious choice - Valentine's Day, since this is what February is all about. I mean you spend the first fourteen days expecting/dreading the day, and the next fourteen telling everyone about how amazing/awful it was. But since I'm single and kind of not in the mood for any cheesy romance movie (that's not true, I love cheesy movies, as long as they have a happy ending) I decided to go with the less obvious choice. I proclaim this month's "Movie of the Month" to be Magic Mike!
I mean  single or not single, there's not a woman in their right mind that didn't want to see this movie. And I'm not gonna play stupid and pretend it was for the exceptional story line or acting (I have no qualification in judging if someone is a good actor or not, but I've see more than enough movies to know if a movie has a weak storyline, but trust me when I say, it doesn't really matter). But I will say that 2012 was the first year in history of film, that all the man were running to the cinema to watch a movie about a teddy bear (=Ted) and all the women went to see a movie about strippers. This was a huge year for the human kind. So many things has changed!
As far as the story goes, this clip shows you all you need to know. And I can sum it up in one sentence: There's a bunch of real hot male strippers. And that's all it really matters.
The movie includes some of the finest Hollywood hotties, including Channing Tatum, Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer. They are all sporting some serious abs and great dancing (read: stripping) skills.


If you're a female looking for a fun movie, Magic Mike is the one. If you're a male, looking for a movie your lady will definitely love, Magic Mike is the one. If you're a lonely soul looking for something to cheer you up on Valentine's Day, Magic Mike is the one!
Basically, the story line might be weak, but the video below gives you all the reasons you need to decide to watch this movie.

Also Channing Tatum, the moving force behind this movie, confirmed, he's writing the script for the second part. And in the name of all red blooded females, we're thanking you, for listening to our united verdict, that this movie should last at least another hour, so.

Lucy Jane

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